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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Forever Polished: Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!

I'm trying really hard to post something everyday but its definitely really hard. But I'm proud of myself for keeping up with it so far, I've missed a couple days, but I think its a lot better than I expected lol

Anyways, today I have these beautiful polishes from Forever Polished made by Ashley:

I purchased 4, and received 2 for review*

Here's a list of them , from left to right:

  • Infinity Wishes*: A glitter topper with grey stars and hexes, blue shards, green hexes, and iridescent hexes
  • Spiced Cake*: "white crelly polish with fine burgundy glitter, medium matte burgundy hex, burgundy hex and Orange Hex"
  • Sugar Skulls: sheer milky based polish with holo dust, fine blue holo glitter, pink hexes and shards, grey hexes, light blue diamonds, iridescent pastel bars, and pink skull and cross bone glitter! 
  • Toxic Babe: glitter topper "packed with white skull and cross bone glitter, white diamonds, white squares, Black squares, black stars, black hex, large black circles, neon green squares, neon green stars, neon green hex, & hot pink squares." 
  • Sea Monster: This polish is build able on it's own or as can be worn as a glitter topper. It's a glitterbomb with "sliver holo hexes, blue hex glitter, lime green square glitter & blue holo hex glitter."
  • Blue Smoke: denim blue nonlinear holographic polish. 

First swatch is Blue Smoke, three coats. Application and formula were great. I really love this polish its probably one of my favorites out of the bunch it sucks that it was reformulated because I do like the darker blue more. But this shade is also very pretty.  

Next swatch is Spice Cake, three coats. Application and formula were great as well. This polish really does remind me of fall.  

Sorry for the glare but I wanted to show the fuchsia glitter. 

Next swatch is Sea Monster, three coats no undies. The application was okay but I did experience some baldness but then I switched to thinner coats and then it worked fined. This polish was a GLITTERBOMB. I don't know if you guys know but I love polishes that are ocean/mermaid inspired and this polish really hit the spot. LOL It was really hard to capture all the glitter in this polish because it was making my camera go crazy. I probably went a little overboard with the amount of pictures but I really like this one!!

Its a little out of focus but I wanted to show how much it sparkles. 

Next swatch is Toxic Babe, two thin coats over Elf Nude. I really like this color combination because the neutral base allows the neon glitters to pop. To make application easier make sure to flip the polish upside down for 10 minutes before you use it to make all the big glitters that usually sink go to the top. Make sure to apply thin coats or else you'll get too many bubbles. 

I really like the idea behind this polish. It kinda reminds me of zombies and radiation because of the green glitter and the skull and cross bone glitter. 

Next swatch is Infinity Wishes, two thin coats over Elf Bubble Gum Pink. I did thin coats on this one in order to avoid bubbles as well. I also flipped it over for about 10 minutes before I applied it to get as many types of glitters on the brush. 

Last swatch is Sugar Skulls, four coats. I decided to not layer this over anything because I wanted to show what the polish looked like on its own. It's pretty sheer and with my long nails I needed a lot of coats but it was worth it because I really, really liked this polish. The glitter combination in this is so unique and girly and the pink skull and cross bone glitters give it an edge. 

Look at all the holo!!!

Overall I really liked these polishes because the glitter combinations are really unique and because the formula and application were great. You can purchase these polishes at Ashley Store Front by clicking here

Forever polish stared in 2012 and it was originally named Ashley's Polish and eventually it was changed to Forever Polish. Forever Polish was actually one of the first Indie polish brands I ever purchased from. 

You can get more information about Forever Polish from the following links:

I hope you guys like my swatches. I'll have more swatches tomorrow. 

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