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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rain City Lacquer: Swatches & Review

Hey everyone! 

Today I have 7 new Rain City Lacquer polishes! Rica, the owner of Rain City Lacquer, has add a couple of polishes to her  Milk & Macarons line (which I love by the way!), plus a few extra shades perfect for fall! Here's a list of them:

  • Blackberry Macaron: pale purple/lavender milky base with circular pastel glitters, black heart glitters, and holo hex glitters
  • Mint Macaron: milky mint green base with circular pastel glitters, black heart glitters, and holo hex glitters
  • Sugar Plum Berry: violet jelly with blue shimmer
  • If the Crown Fits!: clear base polish loaded with various iridescent glitters and gold flakes
  • Golden Apples: red polish with bright gold shimmer and flakies
  • Emeralds & Evergreens: glitter topper with various green glitters (metallic, matte, and holo)
  • Sugar & Spice: bright pink crelly with black, holo, and pink circular glitters, red heart glitters, and silver stars

The first swatch is Blackberry Macaron, 5 coats no undies. This polish is very sheer especially for me because of my long nails so try layering it over a white or a light lavender to really make the base cover pop. I'm really loving the Milk and Macaron's collection, the glitter combinations and the different base colors go so well together. Formula and application were great and i didn't have to fish for any glitter.

The next swatch is Mint Macaron, 5 coats, no undies. Love this! The mint green is so perfect! It is pretty sheer, but I still like it because it's so packed with glitter, that the glitter itself gives you coverage. Remember to do thin coats though!

The next swatch is Sugar Plum Berry, 4 coats. This color is perfect for fall and the blue shimmer is a really nice detail. Its a little bit sheer but workable.

The next swatch is If The Crown Fits, 2 thin coats over Julep Valerie. This polish already looks pretty awesome in the bottle, and when i layered it over this teal i thought it looked amazing. The polish was slightly thick so i added a drop or 2 of polish thinner and it was perfectly fine after. I have a lot of pictures for this one.

The next swatch is Golden Apples, 3 coats. This polish is another one perfect for fall. The large sized golden flakes are a nice touch, its a little sheer but its workable.

you can really see the golden glitters in this picture.

The next swatch is Emerald & Ever Greens, 2 thin coats over American Apparel Hassid. This glitter topper is very pretty especially because its green and i don't really see many green glitter toppers. I originally had put it over a brown Sinful colors but one of my nails broke during work so i had to redo it over black and that's why my nails look different in this picture.

The next swatch is Sugar & Spice, 4 coats no undies. When I saw this polish it didn't really call my attention too much but once I put it on it really popped out to me, the brightness of the pink and I love the small round halo glitters. This polish is unique overall, make sure to do thin coats because of the size of the glitters and the amount of glitters in this polish its very easy to drag it down to the tip of your nails.

You can purchase these polishes at Rain City Lacquer's storefront by clicking here. You can follow Rica on instagram, facebook, twitter! Follow her to find more information regarding restocks and availability!

Which one did you guys like the most?

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