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Saturday, October 19, 2013

WhippedUP Polish: The Launch Collection plus other polishes Swacthes & Review

Hey everyone!

Today I have a pretty big post! So I hope you enjoy it. I have polishes from a new indie company named WhippedUp Polish and her first collection is called The Lauch and it consists of 8 polishes which include:

  • Purple Rain: violet jelly with blue shimmer
  • 1987: fuchsia with blue shimmer
  • Tijuca Forest: deep green with scattered holo
  • Stellar Makeout: light pink with a pearl finish
  • Pretty Scary: glitter topper with pastel hexes, white and pink skull and crossbone glitters, black shards, and holo shimmer
  • Sassy: a glitter topper with neon green, pink, silver stars, holo pink and silver circles in a clear base with micro blue and pink glitter
  • Tay: glitter topper with purple hexes, purple holo circular glitter, and golden glitter in different shapes and sizes
  • Pink Graffiti: glitter topper with neon pink hexes, black hexes and bar glitter, and holo circular glitter
I don't have Pink Graffiti but you can find swatches of it on Ariana's instagram(the creator of WhippedUP Polish). The Following polishes are not part of the collection but will also be available for purchase:
  • Zoom Blue: teal blue with a pearl finish and a hint of silver shimmer
  • Uggs & a Latte: bronze with a frosty finish and a golden shimmer throughout
  • Heart Red: deep red with golden flakes
  • Holo-Weenie: glitter topper with lilac hexes, orange shards and hexes, white bars, deep purple and yellow shards, holo shimmer, and purple holo circles, hexes, and hearts
  • Chilly in Silver Spring: glitter topper with silver and red micro glitter with purple holo circles, green shards and hexes, and small white hexes, long white bar glitter, blue bar glitter, and white stars.
I'll be swatching The Launch Collection first, and then the other random polishes. I love that's there's such a variation in the polishes that are being released on Tuesday. There's bright colors, to fall colors, and even some Halloween shades. Also, for being a new indie polish company, the application and formula were amazing! Of course, they're slightly sheer, but remember that for me, it's more of a hassle because of my long nails. 

The first swatch is of Purple Rain, 4 coats. This is pretty sheer, but I think its more sheer on me because my nails are so long. 

Next swatch is of 1987, 4 coats. This definitely reminds me of the 80's lol so pretty!

Next is Tijuca Forest, 4 coats. Such a beautiful green. Very deep, and the holo is a nice detail. I thought this one was going to be more opaque, but it was kinda sheer. Still buildable though.

Next is Stellar Make out, 5 coats. I think this was one of the sheerest ones. I can still see some VNL, so I don't see myself reaching out for this one much which sucks, cause the color is so pretty!

Next up is Pretty Scary, 2 thin coats over Julep Kendra. I was going to layer this over Tijuca Forest, but I had already used that one. I really like this combination because it balances the pretty pastels of the glitter topper with a  harsher color, that also does remind me of Halloween, I don't know if that makes sense lol

Next up is Sassy: 2 thin coats over Zoya Ciara. Very interesting glitter combination. It was really hard to capture though because of all the holo.

And the last one from the collection is Tay, 2 thin coats over Tijuca Forest, I just thought the gold an the green would go great. I love this glitter topper! And the application and formula were perfect!

I love how the gold really pops in this one

The following polishes are not included in The Launch collection, but they will also be released on Tuesday.
Next swatch is of Zoom Blue, 5 coats This isn't a full on blue like the name says, to me its more of a teal. very pretty.

Next swatch is of Uggs & a Latte, 3 coats. This was one of the more opaque ones. I'm not the biggest fan of frosty polishes because of the brush strokes, but I just did thinner coats and tried to apply slowly to not have to do so many brush strokes.

And the last jelly polish is of Heart Red, 3 coats. This was one of the more opaque ones in the collection. I like the fact that its a jelly because it didn't stain my cuticles and nails during clean up and removal. Plus I love the golden flakes.

Next one is Holo-Weenie, 2 thin coats over American Apparel Hassid. I really like this one because it has a different take on Halloween, especially with the hearts, very cute

And finally Chilly In Silver Spring , 2 thin coats over Nicole by OPI Back To Reality...TV. This polish is so pretty! I definitely think of the holidays when I see this, and the green. The formula was great, but the application was kind of a hassle because I couldn't get that many stars on my brush, though I did get the big circles.  Still workable though, you just need a little bit more patience.

I'm very impressed by these polishes, and I'm excited to see what Ariana releases next. These polishes will be available for purchase on big cartel, but the web page is not yet available. I will update this blog post when it does. Currently you can follow Ariana through her instagram where she posts more swatches and future collections by clicking here.

What do you guys think of this collection?

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