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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alchemy Lacquers: New Holiday Shades - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Happy weekend! How was everyone's week? I had an impromptu Disney trip on Wednesday. It was so much fun. It was raining which did suck a bit, but it was like a ghost town in there. I don't remember the last time I waited only five minutes to go on Indiana Jones, not with a fast pass that is! Have you ever ridden Thunder Mountain while raining? It's amazing! Anyways, today I have one of my favorite indie brands, Alchemy Lacquers. Rebecca is releasing four holiday shades that are just perfection. Get more info down below!

We have two new gilded shades guys! I love those, and I love the fact that there's so many variations to it. These four are available for pre-order right now, just click here

Tekhelet is packed with silver, blue, and holo micro glitters. I wore 3 coats for full coverage. I'm wearing it with a top coat, but you can also wear this without a top coat for a bit of texture. This is actually one of the two new polishes for Hanukah. I think that it's great that Alchemy is creating Hanukah polishes! Not most indies do. Plus, this polish is just gorgeous. It's super sparkly. The formula and application was great.

Snowberry(H) is a silver metallic flakie with holo navy glitters with linear holo throughout. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. This is actually a re release of last year's holiday shades, but this time it has some awesome linear holo throughout it. It's so perfect for the holidays, it's a must get!

Gilded Dreidel is a blue base with the silver/gold shift and silver, blue, and dark blue glitters. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. This is the other Hanukah polish. I love this new gilded! The formula and application was awesome!

Gilded Holly is a green base with gold/silver shiftiness and red, green, and dark green glitters. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. This one is also perfect for the holidays! The green to gold shimmer is very nice. The formula and application was also great.

Overall, Alchemy Lacquers did not disappoint with these shades. They're so beautiful and unique. You guys should definitely try this brand. I can guarantee that you'll find something that you'll like. These are all available for pre-order right now, just click here.  Make sure to follow Alchemy Lacquers on Facebook and Instagram.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Jindie Nails: Massive Haul, Plus New Shades! Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Can you believe it's raining in Cali right now?? Yup! I absolutely love the rain, makes me wonder why I live in LA cause it never rains here.  But, I guess because I don't deal with it on a daily basis,  I like it when it rains. LOL  Anyways, enough with the weather. Let's talk about this huge Jindie Nails post I have for you guys today! Jen surprised me with tons of polish from a past order I made.  It totally made my day!  Plus she included some new shades so check out all details after the jump!

I have a total of twelve Jindie polishes and one Dollish Polish because of the Famous Couples Throughout History duo! These all range from holos to glitter toppers, so let's get started!  I must warn you though, this is very picture heavy!

Be Someone Cute is a glitter packed polish with a slight hot pink tinged base.  It has small matte micro hex glitters in black, white, and neon pink with an intense pink and blue fleck shimmer throughout the base.  I used a total of 3 coats to get full coverage but I have swatches for one, two, and three coats so you guys can see the difference. I totally love this polish. It's so pretty and the blue shimmer running through it just pops. The formula and application was great! 

One Coat:

Two Coats:

Three Coats:

All Of The Lights is a beautiful glitter topper with small and medium sized matte and metallic dots in green, red, turquoise, baby blue, magenta, and silver. It also has matte baby blue hex glitters, all in a  clear base with silver and turquoise flecks and shimmer. I wore one thin coat over a golden Julep, plus I did some Christmas Tree glitter placement on my ring finger. I really like this one too! It's perfect for Christmas. The formula and application was great too. I was able to grab a bunch on my brush without fishing out for anything. 

Coral-ing All The Jindie Junkies is a coral shimmer polish loaded with pink, purple, blue, rose, green, gold, and real silver flakes. It also has holographic gold and silver micro glitters. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this one because at first I thought it was a bit frost like but once I wore it, I totally loved it! All the shimmer and the flakes makes it a really interesting polish. Love it! 

Eclectic is a super colorful glitter with 100 different glitters! It has hearts, hexes, stars, squares, dots, and short bars in hot pink, blue, peach, watermelon, green, yellow, white, orange, and purple. I wore two thin coats over Virtuous Polish Temperance. I love all the different glitters in this. I mean you can never go wrong with such a colorful glitter topper. I did flip it over before applying it so I had no problems at all applying it.

Ghosts Of Candy Corn Past  is a white crelly polish with white, black, yellow, and neon orange glitters in dots, squares, and hexes. It also has golden shimmer running throughout. I wore 3 thin coats for the pictures below. Doesn't the glitter combination go so well together!? This one is really jam packed with glitters so make sure you only do thin coats. 

Vixen is a deep burgundy/wine, highly pigmented, linear holographic polish loaded with shimmer and color changing flakies. I wore two coats for the pictures below. This polish is just stunning. It is very pigmented but doesn't stain your nails. It also went on like butter, super smooth! 

Red Velvet Revolver is a red velvet or burgundy wine colored jelly with several sizes of gold and silver holographic and metallic dots, small squares and hex plus sparse small silver snowflakes. This is the new reformulated version and it's no longer an exclusive polish. You can now purchase it directly from Jindie Nails! I wore three coats in the pictures below. The formula and application was great though I would like for the red base to be a bit more sheer so you can see the golden glitters better. Other than that, I totally love it!

Just Claws is a deep pink fuchsia with scattered holo. I used 2 coats for the pictures below. This polish was formerly known as Mrs. Claws, just in case it looks familiar. This had flawless formula and went on super smoothly. 

And here's some nail art I did using the glitters from All Of The Lights.

Famous Couples Throughout History: October 

Franks Ole Lady by Jindie Nails represents Frankenstein's bride. It's a deep plum/purple jelly loaded with dots, hexes, triangles, stars, and donut shaped glitters in lilac, white, periwinkle, black, pink, red, and purple. It also has a bunch of different colored shimmer running through out it. I wore 3 coats in the pictures below. I love this! Purple jellies are always a favorite of mine. Plus this perfectly represents Frankenstein's bride and it's perfect for Halloween. 

My Man, Frank by Dollish Polish represents Frankenstein. It is a green apple jelly loaded with red and purple dots, black small squares, metallic purple hex, tiny white stars, black moons, small and medium metallic red hex. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. Isn't this one so cool? I don't know but this shade of green is just so perfect! The formula and application was great. 

The following polishes are all new. There is a current preorder of Paper Flowers at Jindie Nails. But both Paper Flowers and Flowers In The Attic should be available soon, I'll let you guys know once I find out! 

Baby Love, My Baby Love is a sheer light pink/peach with pink, gold, silver, light pink, red, glitters in dots, hexes, diamonds, and squares in different sizes and with golden shimmer throughout. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. OMG, this is just crazy gorgeous! The base color is so pretty! Depending on what angle you look at your nails while wearing this, it looks really pink, or almost see through. Plus the glitter in this is really unique, they all go so well together. 

Paper Flowers is a white crelly polish with hexes and matte and metallic dots in pastels,metallic, and satin mattes, all in a range of colors including six neons. I wore three coats for the pictures below. I absolutely LOVE this polish! All the colorful dots look amazing against the white base. This polish is jam packed with glitters so make sure to do thin coats! 

Flowers In The Attic is a light blurple crelly with dots and hexes in blue, pink, and purple in different shapes and sizes. I wore 3 coats in the pictures below. I love the glitter combination in this one! Plus the shade of the base is so unique. Just make sure you do thin coats so the dots don't overlap too much.

Overall, I totally loved these polishes! They're so pretty and just look at all the variety that Jindie Nails has to offer. The formula on all of these was great. I don't know if Jindie Nails is still having a sale, but you can get more information of Jindie Nails by following them on instagramFacebookPinterest, and twitter .
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