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Monday, January 27, 2014

Black Cat Lacquer: Zodiac Collection- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! It's almost Monday again, I hope you all had a great weekend. What did you guys do?

Today I have Black Cat Lacquer's Zodiac Collection, well almost all of it, for you. This collection consists of 12 polishes, each representing a different Zodiac sign. Here's the descriptions* of the polishes I'll be reviewing today:

  • Aries: red jelly with black, red, and silver glitter
  • Pisces: blue jelly with holo and green flakies
  • Sagittarius: raspberry holo with gold flakies
  • Virgo: dark green jelly with gold flakies
  • Leo: orange jelly with holo and golden flakies
  • Cancer: glitter topper with white and grey glitters in a rainbow shimmer base
  • Scorpio: black holo polish with a pink to blue duo chrome
That's mostly the whole collection but I'm missing the following 3 polishes:
  • Gemini: white crelly with gold circles and silver holo glitter
  • Capricorn: dark brown holo with red/green shift
  • Libra: glitter topper with iridescent glitter in a rainbow shimmery base
I also have swatched Aquarius and Taurus, you can see those by clicking here.

And the swatches...

Aries. 3 coats, no undies. I purchased this one because I'm an Aries and well, duh!, I had to buy it. I'm not super excited about it. I think it's because I'm not a huge red jelly fan. I like it, but I probably won't be using it much. I wish the glitter wasn't so sparse. Other than that, the formula and application was great.

The red isn't this bright, but I couldn't capture it correctly. 

Pisces. 2 coats. OMG! Love this one! The holo is so strong and the blue is just gorgeous. The green flakies are a nice touch. I toally recommend this polish. The formula was great too, I could have gotten away with just one coat but I decided to do 2. I also noticed this little black thing on my nail on my ring finger and I thought it was a little piece of trash that just got stuck there but then I noticed the polish has a bunch of them too. I don't know if this is part of the polish, or if it's because of the formula, but there's no mention of it in the description. if you guys know, let me know down below please!

Sagittarius. 2 coats. This color is just gorgeous. To be honest, this color didn't catch my attention right away but I'm so glad I purchased it! It's so pretty! And the gold flakies are a nice touch. Plus the formula was amazing on this one too! I could have gotten away with one coat too.

This one looks kinda weird but I just wanted to show the golden flakies more.

Virgo. 3 coats, no undies. Another one of my favorites! I love green polishes and thought this one is pretty simple, its so unique. It's like the perfect shade of green. I did have to do 3 coats cause it was a jelly, but it wasn't a big deal. The formula and application was great.

you can see the flakies better here

Leo. 2 coats. Yup, another two coater. These holo polishes just have a flawless formula. I'm not a big fan of orange polishes, I think I only have half of a helmer drawer full with orange polishes. But this one is so pretty! And I actually don't have an orange holo polish. I totally recommend this. The formula and application was great.

Cancer. 2 coats over Revlon Minted. I was totally inspired by @nailsbyjessiek's swatch of this polish. It looked so pretty. I decided to go on a more mint route and I think I really like it like this too. I can't believe I was going to pass up on this polish. At first it didn't really catch my attention. But once I tried it on, the mixture of glitters is actually quite nice. The formula and application was great.

Scorpio. 2 coats. This was actually one of the first ones I got from this collection, along with Pisces. I'm glad I did get it, the formula was amazing. And It's not just a black holo polish, it has a duo chrome effect that's so pretty! The formula and application was great.

NOTE: my nails are super short because I swatched this a while back when I purchased it.

Overall, I really loved this collection! A lot of them were holos, and I mean how can you not like a holo polish ya know? And the golden flakies was great! It didn't just make it an ordinary holo polish. I recommend this collection, trust me you won't regret it. Which one did you guys like?

You can purchase these here. And don't forget to follow Black Cat Lacquer on facebooktwitter, and instagram!

Have a great day everyone!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

China Glaze: Sea Goddess Collection Spring 2014- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! It's Friday tomorrow!! I'm excited cause I want to get more swatching done, plus I've been stalking my local nail supply store for the new OPI Brazil collection, they said they should be getting them this week or so, cross my fingers!

Today I have the new China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection for Spring 2014. I actually bought these about 2 weeks ago but never posted it on instagram. I actually haven't heard much about this collection. I didn't really think much of them but I saw them at my nail supply store and just thought that I would buy them. I totally don't regret it, they're so pretty!

The China Glaze Sea Goddess collection consists of 6 new textured polishes: 1 white, 1 purple, 1 blue, 1 green/mint, 2 pinks. Here's a list of them and their descriptions:

  • Sand Dolla Make You Holla: white polish with rainbow glitter
  • Shell We Dance?: pink polish  with silver and black micro glitter
  • Teal The Tide Turns: mint polish with bright green and white micro glitter
  • Wish On A Starfish: light pink polish with gold flakies
  • Tail Me Something: lavender polish with silver and purple micro glitter
  • Seahorsin' Around: teal polish with green flakies 
Sand Dolla Make You Holla. 3 coats, no undies. I love this polish! It's quite unique, yet so simple.Why hadn't anyone else thought of this? I like the texture. It was kind of sheer so I had to apply 3 coats, but the formula was great.

w/o top coat 
w/o top coat
with top coat

Shell We Dance?. 2 coats. I do like this one but it's nothing special. I like it because it's pretty but it doesn't really stand out. The formula was great though.

w/o top coat

with top coat

Teal The Tide Turns. 3 coats. The formula was not great on this one for me. I thought I was going to super love this one, but it just didn't do it for me. I think If it wasn't textured I would like it even more. I love the green glitters in this!

with top coat

w/o top coat

Wish On A Starfish. 3 coats. Hands down, my favorite out of the collection! This polish is just so beautiful and so unique. The gold shimmer or flakies are very strong and can be seen at every angle. I just love it. I want to do some nail art with this but I don't know what.

w/o top coat

with top coat

Tail Me Something. 3 coats. This polish is actually quite pretty . I liked it, but again, nothing special. The formula was great.

w/o top coat

with top coat

Seahorsin' Around. 2 coats. I thought this polish was going to stain my nails but it didn't. I really like this polish, especially the green flakies. I wish I would have captured it better but I couldn't. I think I would like this polish more if it was not textured, still, its so pretty!

with top coat

w/o top coat

Overall, I definitely liked this collection. The textured polishes were definitely unique, not all of them, but most were. I totally recommend this collection, which one did you guys like?

Thanks for reading, have a great night!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer: Swatches & Review

UPDATE : Jennifer from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer, informed me that Noemi has been reformulated.  

Hey guys! How's every one's week going so far? Hopefully well.

Today, I have a couple Daily Hues polishes for you.

  • Noemi: white crelly with different colored hexes in different shapes and sizes
  • Phaedra: pink/fuchsia jelly jam packed with holo glitter

Noemi. 4 coats, no undies. I think this polish is very pretty, but the formula could be better. The reason why I did 4 coats was not because it wasn't opaque enough, but because I wanted to get more glitters on my nails. I did flip the bottle over to get the glitters easier on my brush, but I also think that another problem was that the white base was too opaque and it doesn't really let the glitter show through. I do really like the concept of this polish, it's so cute, but the formula could improve a bit.

Phaedra. 2 coats. This polish is just jam packed with glitter! There's so much that it actually has a textured finish before adding a top coat. I added two top coats here. I wish I would've been able to capture the holo more because it's pretty strong in the bottle. I really liked this polish, its very unique.

You can purchase these two Daily Hues Lacquers and many more by clicking here. You can also follow Daily Hues on instagram and facebook
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Big Spoon Lacquers: The Art Of Seduction- Swacthes & Review

Hey guys! Sunday already?! Why does the weekend go by so fast!? What have you guys done so far? I actually took a last minute drive to Disneyland. I wanted to get there in time to watch World Of Color but I was out of luck. Anyways, on to the post...

Today I have Big Spoon Lacquers new collection: The Art Of Seduction, which is releasing tomorrow, January 20th at 5 pm EST. This collection consists of 5 shades:

  • Devour: deep green polish with gold and green shimmer scattered throughout
  • Enthrall: a blurple polish with blue and purple shimmer and orange flakies
  • Awaken: teal polish with blue shimmer throughout
  • Entice: golden holo polish with gold shimmer throughout
  • Intoxicate: deep purple with orange, fuchsia, and blue shimmer throughout
Devour. 2 coats with topcoat. Love this green polish! The formula was great, very opaque. The shimmer in it is just so pretty. I definitely see myself wearing this again.

Enthrall. 2 coats. I think this is my favorite out of the five. It's almost like a duo chrome, and it has little orange flakies that I hadn't seen until I held it up to the light a certain way. And now that I look at my nails, you can definitely see it at certain angles. So pretty. The formula and application on this polish was flawless.

Awaken. 3 coats. I love any teal polish, and this one also has a bit of a duo chrome effect to it. It's so pretty. I did have a bit of trouble with the application with this polish, but it's totally workable.

Entice. 2 coats. The formula on this polish was great. I thought it was going to be a bit sheer but it covered up nicely with two coats. This also has a bit of holo in it but I couldn't capture it, don't know why. I super edited a picture so you can see the holo but note, this picture is not color accurate.

super edited picture, but you can see the holo more

Intoxicate. 2 coats. This is also one of my favorites from this collection. I love any purple polish really, but this purple was just so deep and the little orange flakies were a nice touch. The formula on this was great, I had no issues at all. 

You can purchase these polishes tomorrow, Jan. 20th at 5 pm EST. You can purchase these from Big Spoon Lacquer's storefront by clicking here. You can get more updates by following Big Spoon Lacquers on BSL blogFacebook and Instagram

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bubblelina Polish : Nudes Collection- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! How's everyone's weekend going? I haven't been doing much honestly. I'm just cleaning up my desk because it gets super messy after I do swatches. Does anyone else have that problem?

Today I'm going to show you guys Bubblelina Nail Polish's Nude Collection. This collection consists of 4 nude polishes ranging from light to dark. The formula was great on some, and so/so on others but I'll explain that down below.

  • Bare Minimum*: light flesh toned creme
  • Naughty Nudey*: nude creme with pink undertones with a golden sheen
  • Ripped Nylons*: light brown creme with red undertones
  • Saddle Up*: cocoa tone with a golden sheen
                                     *Descriptions taken from Bubblelina's store.

Bare Minimum. 3 coats, no undies. I love the name for this polish! I don't know why, I guess it's just very creative. The formula on this polish was great, a bit streaky at first, but with a couple more coats, it looks super smooth. I was scared this was going to look weird on me but I actually kinda like it though it makes my hands look really dark.

Naughty Nudey. 3 coats. I had most trouble with this one. It was a bit goopey and unfortunately I couldn't find my polish thinner so I couldn't add any. You can still apply it, it's just a little harder. I think it also has to do with the small brush that comes in the mini bottles. I always have a hard time with those. This polish is slightly darker that Bare Minimum and it has a golden shimmer to it. I had a hard time capturing a color accurate picture of this while showing the golden shimmer so I included two pictures below.

This is a more color accurate picture

And here you can really see the golden shimmer

Ripped Nylons. 3 coats. When applying this polish at first, you think that it's going to be super sheer but it becomes opaque pretty quickly with a couple more coats. I really like this one. It's not too dark, not too light. Plus it has little tiny bits, or dots, of a darker color scattered in it. It reminds me of hot cocoa when your mixing it. 

Saddle Up. 3 coats. This polish is slightly darker than Ripped Nylons and it has a golden shimmer to it. I don't know why I had such a hard time capturing the golden shimmer in it even though it's pretty visible on the nail IRL. I also included two pictures for this one to show a more color accurate picture. The formula on this one was great, no hassle at all. 

Here it is color accurate, you can see the shimmer in the bottle

And here you can see the shimmer on the nails

I totally recommend these nude polishes. Everyone should have a nude polish that matches them perfectly and this collection offers a nice variety. You can purchase these now at Bubblelina's storefront by clicking here.

Remember, You can follow Bubblelina Nail Polish on Instagram.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Laquerlicious: V-Day= D-Day Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Just a quick post today. I was asked by Michelle from Laquerlicious to swatch her limited edition anti-Valentines Day polish so here it is!

V-Day= D-Day is a glitter bomb with tons of glitter shapes in different sizes and colors. It has large hearts, holo circles, and skull & crossbone glitters in a pink shimmer base.

The cool thing about this polish, well besides how awesome it looks, is that it's part of Laquerlicious' Polish For Pit Bulls campaign in which she donates half of her polish proceeds to the Fresno Bully Rescue. How awesome is that?!

You can purchase this at Laquerlicious' storefront by clicking here for $6 and $3 of that will be donated. Remember you can follow Laquerlicious through Facebook and Instagram.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love, Angeline: Smoke And Mirrors Part Two: Trickster Collection- Swacthes & Review

Hey guys!

Just a quick post today. I have a couple of Love, Angeline Polish swatches from a past collection called Smoke And Mirrors: Part 2. Here's a description of them:

  • Metamorphosis: a grey crelly with yellow, grey, orange, and fuchsia hexes in different sizes
  • Vanishing Act: white crelly with light blue, light yellow, and teal hexes in different sizes

Metamorphosis. 3 coats. The formula and application on this is awesome. You get tons of glitter on your brush, no need to fish for it. I really like the color combination of the glitters with the grey base. Just remember to apply thin coats and to wait between each coat to let it dry.

Vanishing Act. 4 coats, no undies. This polish definitely needs a bit more coats than usual because of the white base but its so pretty! You can do a white base to make application easier if you want. The formula and application was great.

You can purchase these at Love, Angeline's store front by clicking here. Also follow their facebook, instagram, and pinterest!
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection 2014: Swatches & Review

Hey guys!!

So how is 2014 going so far? I have been lagging it with posts. But I have been seeing some awesome nail art lists on instagram that I'm going to try. I don't have as much swatching to do so I think I'll be able to do it. I just have to stop procrastinating!

Anyways, I'm sure you all have heard of the new OPI Gwen Stefani Collection! This collection consists of 7 new limited edition shades, 1 glitter topper, 3 cremes, 2 satin, 1 chrome polish. Overall I like the variation in the shades but I think I'm just ready for all the spring collections. I really like bright colors so I'm kind of over seeing darker shades.

Here's a list of them and their descriptions:

  • 4 In The Morning: dark grey/black satin
  • I Sing In Color: dark vampy red creme
  • Hey Baby: Bright pink creme
  • In True Stefani Fashion: glitter topper with silver and holographic glitters
  • Love.Angel.Music.Baby: gold satin
  • Over & Over A-Gwen: red creme 
  • Push & Shove: Silver chrome
4 In The Morning. 2 thin coats. I really like this whole satin effect. It's pretty much just matte, but it has a bit of a shimmer to it and it does feel a bit different. (Is that just me that thinks that?? lol) This is pretty dark, almost a black, but not quite there. I have it here with and without a topcoat. 

without top coat

with top coat

I Sing In Color. 2 coats. I love this red! I'm a big fan of reds, especially these vampy reds. The formula and application was great too. It did slightly stain my nails so make sure to wear a base coat!

Hey Baby. 3 thin coats. When I saw this pink, I didn't think much of it. I like pinks, but I felt like I already had a shade like this. But once I put it on, I really liked it! It's so bright! The formula and application was great. Note: it was slightly hard to capture the correct shade of pink so it might not be 100% color accurate.

In True Stefani Fashion. This glitter topper is very pretty. It's not all that unique, but I still like it. The application is great on it, you get tons of glitter on your brush when applying it. Here I have it over a few shades:

Over Hey Baby

over 4 In The Morning

over Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. 3 coats. This gold satin is so pretty! I think it's one of my favorite golds. The formula and application was great. I have it here with and without a top coat but to me it doesn't really look all that different to me.

without top coat

with top coat

Over & Over A-Gwen. 3 coats. I bet a lot of people are saying "Another red?" and yeah it might not look all that unique, but this red is just stunning. It is the perfect red, not too dark, not too bright. I totally recommend this polish, plus the formula was great. It did slightly stain my nails so I suggest wearing a base coat with this.

Before I forget, this red polish came in it's own box since it's Gwen Stefani Signature Color. I don't know how much they're selling it at your typical store, like Ulta, but I had to buy this for $7, more than what I usually pay for OPI polishes at my local nail supply store. It came with nail glue, nail studs, and a pamphlet with nail art ideas.

Push & Shove. 3 coats. I'm kind of unsure about this one. I really like the idea of it and everything, but the formula was all that great. I mean i got full coverage just from 2 coats, but there were lots of brush strokes and this shows every imperfection your nail might have. Just try to do thin coats. You're not supposed to use a top coat for this, and it also came with a special base coat called Lay Down That Base but I'm not sure if you need to apply this specific base or you can use any other base coat.

And I loved what The PolishAholic did for her OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Art(which you can look at by clicking here.) post that I decided to recreate the splatter nails she did using 4 In The Morning as the base and Push & Shove splattered over it. I just love how it came out.

I also tried to recreate the nail art they did on the ads they've been using to promote this collection. It looks awesome on Gwen Stefani's nails and I thought, It can't be that hard, but I was wrong lol. I totally need to practice nail art more. Hope you guys like it!

I used Push & Shove, I Sing In Color, and Hey Baby

There you go guys, sorry it took me forever to post this. I've been kind of busy lately and have been in a funk lately. I don't know, I just haven't been wanting to paint my nails much lately. But I had a small haul today and I'm excited for the things I'll be swatching soon so stay tuned!

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