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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Black Cat Lacquer Haul- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! How was everyone's weekend? I went to Disneyland on Saturday, god,  it's so beautiful there during the holidays! I'm so excited to go again on Friday, though I know there's gonna be tons of people, the wait times are ridiculous! 

So today I have a Black Cat Lacquer haul to show you that I actually purchased in October but I've been putting it off because I did so many swatches for other indie brands that I didn't have time! And now, I already received my black Friday haul so I figured I would show this one first. I actually didn't get this package til like 2 weeks after I ordered it which is so weird for a black cat lacquer order because my orders usually ship within a day or two of ordering, plus they're SoCal too. But the package got lost or something I think, it was so frustrating! I even opened a case for it, but luckily it arrived!

Some of these polishes are actually some Halloween shades, but I still like them a lot so I hope you guys do too. Here's a list of them and their description:

  • The Punpkin King: glitter topper with black glitter in different shapes and sizes, neon orange hexes, and orange pumpkin glitter
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales: glitter topper with black and white glitters in different shapes and sizes; black and white skull and cross bone glitter
  • 999 Happy Haunts: glitterbomb with black, white, neon green, and lavender glitters with rainbow shimmer, purple flakies, and holo shimmer
  • Poison Apple: thermal polish that is dark red when cold and bright red when warm with scattered holo
  • Oh Mickey You're So Fine!: glitterbomb with silver holo, red, black & white glitters with a rainbow shimmer base and holo mickey glitters
  • Aquaris: dark purple jelly with flakies, large circle glitters, and stars.
  • Taurus: dark blue jelly filled  with green, blue, and brown glitters with rainbow shimmer

And the swatches:

The Pimpkin King. 2 thin coats over American Apparel Berry. I really like this polish. I love black and white glitter toppers and the orange hexes is a nice touch. I don't have any pumpkin glitter on my nails because honestly I didn't even know there were any in the polish. I didn't get any  on my brush. I don't think it's necessarily a BCL problem, but just a pumpkin glitter problem in general. Every polish that had those always gave you trouble, so just make sure to flip the bottle over.

Dead Men Tell No Tales. 2 thin coats over Essie Little Brown Dress. I really do like this polish, but I don wish it was a bit more interesting. I'm not a huge fan of shard glitter and this did have  a but of those. The application and formula was great.

999 Happy Haunts. 2 thin coats over OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? I really love thise polish! it's so pretty! Especially those purple flakies. I really like this combination too. Application and formula was great.

Poison Apple. 3 coats, no undies. I just love this polish!! I love anything Disney and this is just so awesome. I mean its a great idea. I can't believe no one had thought of this before. Application and formula was great. And my nails are long in these pictures because like I said above, I had gotten these polishes a while ago and am only now swatching and posting them.

Oh Mickey You're So Fine! 2 thin coats over China Glaze Sea Breeze. I love this polish too, I mean it's Disney! and it has holo! The application and formula was great.

Aquarius. 3 coats, no undies. Omg, I just love this polish so much! The purple jelly, the big circular glitter, the flakies! It's just a beautiful polish. I can't believe I waited til now to swatch it. Application and formula was great.

Taurus. 3 coats, no undies. And I love this one too! It reminds me of the ocean, or mermaids, and those types of polishes are the best. The holo shimmer is a nice touch. I totally recommend this one, plus the application and formula was great.

I love my BCL haul! It sucks that I wasn't able to show my Halloween polishes earlier, but better late than never right? I'll have the second half sometime this week for you guys but in the meanwhile, you can purchase these here. You can follow Black Cat Lacquer on facebook, twitter, and instagram

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  1. Love the Taurus polish! I'm a Taurus and it's going on my b-day list. Great swatches!