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Friday, June 27, 2014

Alchemy Lacquers: Noble Biolum Collection Plus More!!

Hey girls! So I've been trying to keep up with all the swatches I have lined up, so that's three days in a row with blog posts!! Pretty impressive huh?? LOL Just kidding, there's bloggers out there that post everyday, nonstop! How do they do it?! Anyways, I was really, really looking forward to swatching these polishes because first of all, they're from Alchemy Lacquers..duh!... and second because the polishes crazy pretty! Rebecca, creator of Alchemy Lacquers never disappoints with her creations. I mean they're incredible, just simply unique. You need some Alchemy Lacquers in your life! Check out all the swatches and info for the new Noble Biolum collection below!

So this collection is called Noble Biolum. Why you ask? (well maybe you didn't, but I'm gonna tell you  anyway cause it's really interesting) Rebecca said on instagram she named it Noble Biolum because "it's named after two things, the noble gases, which are notably used to make neon signs and bioluminescent animals". I just love how Rebecca puts so much thought into every detail in her polishes. She's so creative! So the Noble Biolum collection consists of 4 new polishes, from crellies, jellies, to holo! I also have some new Elixir polishes which if you haven't seen them before, you're missing out so click here to see some magic! lol 

But first, let's check out the new collection.

Argon. 2 coats. This is a bright purple fuchsia with blue shimmer throughout. Rebecca choose this name because "Argon is a colorless noble gas (Symbol is Ar, and atomic number is 18) and when it's placed in an electric field it turns into this bright fuchsia! I really like it! It's bright! And the formula was amazing! No pulling or bald spots. 

This is slightly darker than it actually looks like but it shows the blue flakies better.

Neon. 2 coats. This is a neon orange jelly with iridescent glitter and a gold/green doctrine finish. Neon is a colorless noble gas that when ignited, it turns into a bright orange color.  This is super neon! I wish I would have been able to capture it better but you know, cameras hate neons. This is so unique too, with the glitters that it has. I honestly thought the formula was gonna be pretty bad but it wasn't! I got full opacity with only two coats, no undies! Plus it's a super bright orange under a black light!

And under a black light:

Sea Sparkle. 2 coats. This is a bright blue crelly with  white and pink neon glitters and blue shimmer throughout. Sea Sparkle are marine plankton that emit bioluminescence. I think this might be my second favorite from the collection (Foxfire is my favorite). It's such a great combination between the glitters and the base color. 

And the pink glitters glow under a black light too!

Foxfire. 2 coats. This is a neon green linear holo with turquoise flakies. Foxfire is names after a bioluminescent fungi that's present in decaying wood. Isn't that awesome! That's so interesting to be inspired by stuff like that, I mean, it's fungi! lol I really love this. I mean, in the bottle it might not look super interesting since it's a neon, and everyone is doing neons, but this has holo AND turquoise flakies so it's so pretty against a neon base. The formula was amazing, I only needed two coats!

And here I took it in the sun but it diluted the green a lot. I just wanted to show the holo better but my camera wasn't picking it up. It's stornger though.

And it also glows under a black light:

I'm in love with this collection! It's very unique, and the colors are great. I mean you can't go wrong with neons! This collection is being released this Saturday, June 28th at 8 pm! Buy it here

Elixir No 6. 3 coats. This is a white based polish with yellow, green, and purple glitters with blue shimmer through out. Again, these elixirs are amazing. They're so unique. This one is a bit different. It's not really a duo chrome polish which is what most of Rebecca's Elixirs are, but it's still really nice. It kinda reminds me of Mardi Gras because of the color combo in the glitters. It was not as sheer either, only 3 coats, though I could have done 2 only.

Elixir No 7. 3 coats. This is a black base polish with a blue to red, to orange color shift with black glitters and blue shimmer through out as well as some linear holo. This was so hard to photograph! It's hard to get the color change and the holo at the same time. I'm gonna have to wait to get a shot in the sun though. I totally recommend this polish. It's really unique to my collection plus, the formula and application was great! It went on so smoothly.


Bottle Shot
This shows the holo a bit more:

And I took these outside:

Gilded Patriot. 2 coats. This is a blue tinted, gold to silver shifting metallic nail lacquer with multi-sized red, blue, and silver metallic and holographic glitter. This is perfect for Fourth of July! It's so pretty and unique! I've seen so many Fourth Of July inspired polishes being released recently, but this has got to be the most unique one I've seen to far. The formula and application was great, only two coats! (My nails are longer here because I had swatched this a while ago).

Alchemy Lacquers never disappoints. I love their polishes. They're so interesting and unique. I totally recommend taking a look at this brand. It sucks that they don't have more of an audience when they really deserve it. Again, This collection, along with the new Elixirs, are being released this Saturday, June 28th at 8 pm! As well as the extra Elixirs. The Gilded Patriot is already available for purchase. Buy it here! Make sure to follow Alchemy Lacquers on Facebook and Instagram

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jior Couture: #JiorNailsAndDrink Summer Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey girls! Thursday again huh? How does the time go by so fast!? I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I went to Disneyland yesterday and it was great! It was pretty packed for a Wednesday though. Anyways, today, I have an awesome brand to share with you all, called Jior Couture. I have actually swatched a polish for Jior Couture before, which you can see here... plus there's nail art! Sacha, from Jior Couture is releasing a new collection called #JiorNailsandDrink. Check out the swatches below!

The #JiorNailsandDrink collection consists  of 24 beautiful polishes ranging from solar changing, fluorescent, glow in the dark, and shimmer polishes. Just a little something for everyone! There's so many colors to choose from so make sure to keep an eye out. This collection is being released Saturday, June 28th, click here to purchase

Green Apple Sparkler. 4 coats. This is a fluorescent bright green jelly. It was pretty sheer, so I suggest wearing it over an undie. I was able to get full opacity with 4 coats but I think it's because my nails are so short right now. Other than that, the formula and application was great, no balding. 

And here it is under a black light, look at it glow! So bright! So green! lol It looks awesome.

Pineapple Punch Splash. 3 coats. This is a frost yellow polish with yellow shimmer. It was a bit sheer, but it built up quiet nicely. Again, frosts are not my cup of tea because of the brushstrokes but this wasn't that bad. I know they're pretty visible in the picture below but in real life they're not, I swear! Just make sure to be careful when you apply and don't do too many brushstrokes!

Mixed Berry Spritzer. 4 coats. This is a fluorescent, glow in the dark, bright lavender jelly. I thought this polish was so amazing! It's very unique! It's hard to describe what it looks like in the bottle because it's a lavender, but it's bright at the same time, as if it glows. I wish that it would look like that when applied on my nails but it's pretty sheer and the color doesn't show through. Like in the picture below, you can see that my nails come out looking pinkish, while the bottle looks bright lavender (the picture is color accurate, that's actually what my nails looked like).

bottle shot
And here it is under a black light. It's so bright! I really love it! 

And here it is glowing in the dark. It was really bright as it is, but I did charge it a bit under my black light to make it pop. I really like this color! I usually only see green glow in the dark polishes, so this to me is really unique.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the high quality of these polishes. They weren't streaky or anything. They were so easy to apply. They are a bit sheer, but then they wouldn't be jellies wouldn't they?? Remember, this collection is being released Saturday, June 28th, click here to purchase. You can follow Jior Couture on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google +.

So what do you guys think about this collection so far?
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reverie Nail Lacquer: Summer 2014 Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today I have an awesome collection by Reverie Nail Lacquer (recently known as Two Gypsies Lacquer). Their Summer 2014 collection is their first collection under their new name. But don't worry, Michelle still has the same awesome polishes and those crazy pretty jelly glitter bombs!
This collection is being released today at 10 am est! Check out the swatches after the jump.

This collection consists of six new shades; one holo, one creme, one crelly, two jellies glitter bombs, and one jelly glitter topper. I love the variety in this collection. there definitely is something for everyone cause I know that there's some people out there that aren't the biggest fan of glitters, or cremes. Remember these are being released today, June 25th at 10:00 A.M eastern time. Also Reverie Nail Lacquer will be having a sale from June 25th-27th ( or until supplies last)  where you get 30% off your total purchase of full size bottles and cuticle balms. 

Also, please ignore the little cut I have on my pinky. I have no idea how I got it. I'm thinking maybe my cat did it lol. And yes, it hurt every time with the clean up lol.

Agave. 2 coats. This is a pale blue-grey crelly polish with tiny copper and golden flakies. To be honest, this didn't grab my attention all that much in the bottle, but when I put it on I realized how pretty it really is. The base color is so unique! Love it. It's a good option for someone who isn't crazy about glitter, but doesn't want a plain creme either. The formula and application was great!

Orchid. 3 coats. This is a pale purple-pink base with a slight golden shimmer and a subtle holographic sheen in the sunlight. This one is so pretty! I mean, I love holo, and this has just enough of it to be seen but it's not over the top either. The formula and application was great! I swear the holo is way stronger than it's showing but for some reason my camera wasn't picking it up.

Seascape. 3 coats. A cream colored crelly polish featuring a gold shimmer, hex and dot glitters in various shades such as peach, yellow and blue. I love crellies! The glitter combination is so cute! Plus, that base is actually really unique. Most people do white base crellies, which I love, but this was like a beige creme. The only thing I didn't like about this one was that the formula was pretty thick. But I'm pretty sure it was because of the mini bottles. This is why I dislike swatching with mini bottles. It truly does change the application of a polish and may even ruin a swatch if you can never get it to look smooth. 

Mermaid Scales. A super sparkly teal micro glitter bomb with both holographic and iridescent glitters. As you all may know, I love any polish that is inspired by mermaids or the ocean. And this is no  different. The iridescent glitters are beautiful in this! I wore it over undies and no undies below:

Here I wore one coat over OPI A Grape Affair, I love this combination! The formula and application was great!

And here I wore 3 coats over no undies. You don't realize how sparkly it really is until you put it on. I personally loved it better with no undies. The formula and application was a tad harder because the polish did pull a bit if you didn't wait for the coats to dry. Just remember to do thin coats!

This is how sparkly it was!

Andromeda. A deep blue-purple jelly base packed with hex and dot glitters as well as two different sizes of colorful stars and tiny iridescent bar glitters. This is definitely one of my favorites out of the collection. It's so pretty, even my boyfriend really liked it. If you read my blog, than you know that I LOVE glitter! And this is just a glitter bomb! It's perfect. The formula and application was good. It was slightly hard to apply because of how much glitter there was but again, I blame these mini bottles. The super small brushes makes it really hard to evenly apply. I wore it with a top coat and a matte top coat below:



Regular top coat


Regular top coat

Regular top coat

Summer Wine.  A bright red jelly polish loaded with pink, red, orange, yellow and iridescent hex and dot glitter. This is definitely my favorite out of the collection. The red is so vibrant! The iridescent glitters really stand out, even the red hexes. It's just so beautiful. Plus it makes me think about Lana Del Rey since she made a cover for Summer Wine, and of course that's perfect too. *Just a quick side note, have any of you guys been listening to the new Lana Del Rey album?? Isn't it amazing!?!?* The formula and application was actually not that bad with this one. You just have to make sure to not do thick coats of else it'll clump out, which is normal for any polish. I just love how much depth this has! Great job Michelle! I wore it with a matte top coat and with a regular glossy top coat below:




Regular top coat

Regular Top Coat

Regular Top Coat

Regular Top Coat.
Overall, I totally recommend this collection. I really like it. Especially those jelly glitter bombs! Michelle is releasing a limited edition polish today as well ( doesn't qualify for discount) which looks so awesome, I'm definitely getting it.

 Remember these are being released today, June 25th at 10:00 A.M eastern time. Also Reverie Nail Lacquer will be having a sale from June 25th-27th ( or until supplies last)  where you get 30% off your total purchase of full size bottles and cuticle balms.

 You can Purchase these polishes by clicking Here. You can also follow Reverie on FacebookInstagram

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