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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jindie Nails: July A Box, Indied Exclusive Plus More - Swatches & Review Part 1

Hey Guys, I have more swatches from one of my favorite indie brands: Jindie Nails. I have the new July A Box, Indied exclusive polish by Jindie Nails which will be available June 26th, 2014 at Llarowe, So check out the swatches below.

I'm really excited for July's A, Box Indied. July's theme is 'A Fair To Remember'. This months box will feature Black Cat Lacquer, Elevation Polish, Dollish Polish and Contrary Polish. I'm really loving the theme for this box and the sneak peeks I've seen so far are really pretty. You can check out the sneak peeks yourself by clicking Here

Freaks At The Fair. 3 coats. This a mint leaning green crelly with gold, white, red, blue, green and yellow glitters in different shapes like dots, squares, hexes, diamonds and micro glitter in different sizes. I love the base color for this polish it goes so perfect with the glitters combination. I did have a bit of trouble with the formula but i just added a few drops of nail polish thinner and it worked fine just make sure to flip it over a few minutes before applying to make all the glitters come down. Other than that I love this polish it's so unique, I don't know how Jen comes out with these great glitter combos.

Again the July A Box, Indied is being released on Llarowe June 26th, 2014.

Purplexed. 3 coats. This polish is a pastel lavender frost with subtle linear halo. I'm not a big fan of frost polishes but this one is so unique that you can't not like it. Plus the usual brush strokes that always appear with a frost polish are basically not even there when you apply this polish. The choice of purple is so pretty it's almost like a metallic lavender. The halo is a lot stronger than is coming out in my nails I just could not capture it. I had no issues with the formula or application.

Higher Flower. 2 coats. A highly pigmented neon pink polish, loaded with micro flakes and holographic glitters in purple and silver. The flakie colors are bronze, silver, purple, pink and blue. This pink is so bright and neon, it's like a perfect barbie pink. I couldn't quite capture the different color flakes in it because the neon pink overwhelmed my camera. The formula on this was truly flawless, I could have done one coat but I could see my VNL just a bit and I hate seeing it through my mani so I did a second coat. Every pink lover out there needs to have this. I love it.

This is the most color accurate picture of the 3.

I like how you can see the glitter better in this one.
Bottle shot.
Patience Is A Virtue. 3 coats. This is a red leaning pink with  red, blue, light green and silver glitters in different shapes like dots, squares, hexes and micro glitters all in a silver shimmer. I think this is an exclusive to the Jindie Junkies Facebook group. I suck at describing polishes that's why I put that this is a red polish but its not a full on red nor a full on pink but its not a fuchsia either. This had a bit of a frosty finish because of the shimmer but I had no trouble with it at all.

Barney Blew Up. 3 thin coats. This is a light lilac crelly loaded with tons of different glitters and it has magenta, lavender, and mauve metallic squares and hexes; large and medium neon purple and neon green transparent hexes; matte white hearts and hexes all in a very light lavender shimmer. I have been eyeing this one ever since I found Jindie Nails. I was a dedicated Barney worshiper when I was smaller. And of course I carried around my stuffed Barney everywhere and nauseated my parents with endless Barney episodes. This is totally Barney in a bottle. Jen literally describes Barney's insides as being represented by certain glitters in the polish. This is really packed with glitter so make sure to do thin coats and have a nice top coat to follow.

Like always, I'm never disappointed with any Jindie Nail's polishes. The formula was great and the polishes are unique. I totally recommend to everyone to check out this brand, plus Jen is so sweet. Most of these are available for purchase now, just remember the July A box, Indied is being released on Llarowe June 26th, 2014.

You can get more information of Jindie Nails by following them on instagramFacebookPinterest, and twitter .


  1. These are so pretty! What great colors. I can't wait to see the rest.

    1. Thank you! I will have them up soon (: