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Friday, June 27, 2014

Alchemy Lacquers: Noble Biolum Collection Plus More!!

Hey girls! So I've been trying to keep up with all the swatches I have lined up, so that's three days in a row with blog posts!! Pretty impressive huh?? LOL Just kidding, there's bloggers out there that post everyday, nonstop! How do they do it?! Anyways, I was really, really looking forward to swatching these polishes because first of all, they're from Alchemy Lacquers..duh!... and second because the polishes crazy pretty! Rebecca, creator of Alchemy Lacquers never disappoints with her creations. I mean they're incredible, just simply unique. You need some Alchemy Lacquers in your life! Check out all the swatches and info for the new Noble Biolum collection below!

So this collection is called Noble Biolum. Why you ask? (well maybe you didn't, but I'm gonna tell you  anyway cause it's really interesting) Rebecca said on instagram she named it Noble Biolum because "it's named after two things, the noble gases, which are notably used to make neon signs and bioluminescent animals". I just love how Rebecca puts so much thought into every detail in her polishes. She's so creative! So the Noble Biolum collection consists of 4 new polishes, from crellies, jellies, to holo! I also have some new Elixir polishes which if you haven't seen them before, you're missing out so click here to see some magic! lol 

But first, let's check out the new collection.

Argon. 2 coats. This is a bright purple fuchsia with blue shimmer throughout. Rebecca choose this name because "Argon is a colorless noble gas (Symbol is Ar, and atomic number is 18) and when it's placed in an electric field it turns into this bright fuchsia! I really like it! It's bright! And the formula was amazing! No pulling or bald spots. 

This is slightly darker than it actually looks like but it shows the blue flakies better.

Neon. 2 coats. This is a neon orange jelly with iridescent glitter and a gold/green doctrine finish. Neon is a colorless noble gas that when ignited, it turns into a bright orange color.  This is super neon! I wish I would have been able to capture it better but you know, cameras hate neons. This is so unique too, with the glitters that it has. I honestly thought the formula was gonna be pretty bad but it wasn't! I got full opacity with only two coats, no undies! Plus it's a super bright orange under a black light!

And under a black light:

Sea Sparkle. 2 coats. This is a bright blue crelly with  white and pink neon glitters and blue shimmer throughout. Sea Sparkle are marine plankton that emit bioluminescence. I think this might be my second favorite from the collection (Foxfire is my favorite). It's such a great combination between the glitters and the base color. 

And the pink glitters glow under a black light too!

Foxfire. 2 coats. This is a neon green linear holo with turquoise flakies. Foxfire is names after a bioluminescent fungi that's present in decaying wood. Isn't that awesome! That's so interesting to be inspired by stuff like that, I mean, it's fungi! lol I really love this. I mean, in the bottle it might not look super interesting since it's a neon, and everyone is doing neons, but this has holo AND turquoise flakies so it's so pretty against a neon base. The formula was amazing, I only needed two coats!

And here I took it in the sun but it diluted the green a lot. I just wanted to show the holo better but my camera wasn't picking it up. It's stornger though.

And it also glows under a black light:

I'm in love with this collection! It's very unique, and the colors are great. I mean you can't go wrong with neons! This collection is being released this Saturday, June 28th at 8 pm! Buy it here

Elixir No 6. 3 coats. This is a white based polish with yellow, green, and purple glitters with blue shimmer through out. Again, these elixirs are amazing. They're so unique. This one is a bit different. It's not really a duo chrome polish which is what most of Rebecca's Elixirs are, but it's still really nice. It kinda reminds me of Mardi Gras because of the color combo in the glitters. It was not as sheer either, only 3 coats, though I could have done 2 only.

Elixir No 7. 3 coats. This is a black base polish with a blue to red, to orange color shift with black glitters and blue shimmer through out as well as some linear holo. This was so hard to photograph! It's hard to get the color change and the holo at the same time. I'm gonna have to wait to get a shot in the sun though. I totally recommend this polish. It's really unique to my collection plus, the formula and application was great! It went on so smoothly.


Bottle Shot
This shows the holo a bit more:

And I took these outside:

Gilded Patriot. 2 coats. This is a blue tinted, gold to silver shifting metallic nail lacquer with multi-sized red, blue, and silver metallic and holographic glitter. This is perfect for Fourth of July! It's so pretty and unique! I've seen so many Fourth Of July inspired polishes being released recently, but this has got to be the most unique one I've seen to far. The formula and application was great, only two coats! (My nails are longer here because I had swatched this a while ago).

Alchemy Lacquers never disappoints. I love their polishes. They're so interesting and unique. I totally recommend taking a look at this brand. It sucks that they don't have more of an audience when they really deserve it. Again, This collection, along with the new Elixirs, are being released this Saturday, June 28th at 8 pm! As well as the extra Elixirs. The Gilded Patriot is already available for purchase. Buy it here! Make sure to follow Alchemy Lacquers on Facebook and Instagram


  1. Oh, I will be definitely getting some of these! Great swatches!

  2. These are great. I like them all.