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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HUGE Laquerlicious Haul: Swatches. Review, & Nail Art

Hey guys! Finally it's my day off and I have time to catch up on my swatches. Lately they've been taking longer than usual because I'm trying to incorporate nail art as much as I can, but it's very time consuming. Anyways, I recently purchased a bunch of Laquerlicious polishes cause I've been loving Michelle's new collections. I hope you guys like them!

I have a mixture of polishes from her Spring collection, to her neon glitter toppers. But we'll start off with her glitter toppers.

One Fine Day. 1 coat. This is clear base polish with a mix of metallic and matter glitters in white, purple, coral, teal, pink, and gold glitters in hex, circle, rectangle, mini star, and triangle shapes (Description taken from Laquerlicious storefront). I had actually posted this a while ago along with my China Glaze Off Shore Collection swatches (Which you can see here.) I layered this over a rainbow vertical gradient. I love this so much! The glitter topper is just crazy packed with tons of glitters. You can wear this over a simple nude and it'll still look awesome. I only did 1 coat over the gradient, so there's definitely no issue with fishing and such.

Crazy Daisies. 1 coat. This is also a clear base polish with a mix of neon daisies, transparent hearts, pastel hexes, star glitters, iridescent glitter, and black and white triangles. I swatched this one a bit ago actually along with my China Glaze Off Shore swatches (which you can see here). I layered one coat over a sponge mani that I did. I love this one too! I'm usually not a big fan of these large flower glitters but it works so perfectly in this! The formula and application was flawless. I did do some glitter placement with the large flower glitters but it was easy to get on my brush.

Sip Of Summer. 1 coat over China Glaze Be More Pacific This is another clear base polish with a mix of pastel hex glitters, star glitters, and triangle glitter. This one is so pretty and girly! I love pastel glitter toppers! The application wasn't the easiest, but with thin coats it worked fine. 

Chasing Rainbows. 1 coat over a rainbow watermarble using China Glze Off Shore polishes. This is a rainbow glitter topper in hexes and large dot shapes. I'm gonna admit, I have a lot of rainbow glitter toppers but you can never have enough. lol It's just so colorful and I love that I paired it with my watermarble cause it's like a party on my nails! The formula and application was flawless.

Tri A Different Angle. 1 coat over a galaxy inspired sponge mani. This is a clear base polish with holo glitter in different colors and shapes and micro flakies throughout. I LOVED the mani that @madamluck from instagram, thats why I bought this glitter topper. I tried to recreate it, but I think I overdid it with the sponging in the background. I don't know if I like this or not, but I know I love this glitter topper, it's so different! It was hard to get some of those large glitters on my nail so  had to do some glitter placement, but that's understandable.

I Can See Clearly Now. 1 coat plus glitter placement over OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! This is another clear base polish with a mix of transparent hearts, stars, and circles in various colors, iridescent glitter and small silver hologram circles. I was really drawn to this glitter topper because of the transparent colored glitters in it. i thought I was so interesting. I think this is really unique but I did have a hard time looking for a good base for it. I was actually surprised to find that the transparent glitters were in hearts and star shapes! I thought they were just hexes. The formula and application was fine.

Spring To Life. 3 coats. This is a light baby pink crelly base with teal, neon pink, and yellow hexes and squared micro-medium sized glitter. I don't know why I also pick pink polishes, especially if they're crellies. It wasn't until I got my order that I realized two of the polishes that I ordered were very similar. But in my eyes, they're so different and I need them both! lol I thought this one is so cute and girly! I love the glitter combination. I did have some trouble catching the large hexes so I had to do some glitter placement. 

I See Green Again! 3 coats. When I saw this one, I automatically said I had to have it! I can't believe I waited this long to purchase it! It's just so pretty! i love the glitter that are in it, and it goes so well the color of the base. I did have problems with the application though, it was very goopy and thick. I didn't see any one else comment about the formula so I'm thinking it was probably just mine. It didn't help that I was trying to free hand some hearts over a gradient I did but I think I totally failed. I couldn't for the life of me, cut out a perfect heart over the tape. 

Pink Cloud. 2 coats. This is a pnk crelly with a rainbow of neon and pastel hex, square, star, and circle glittters. This is so girly! There's so many types of glitters! I really like it, plus the formula was great!

The following three polishes are part of Laquerlicious' trio neon glitter toppers. When I saw them, I totally had to have them! They're so bright and unique. I mean, I've seen neon cremes and jellies being done this summer, but not neon glitter toppers. 

Beat The Heat. 2 coats over Island Girl Aloha Color. This is a clear base glitter topper with neon pink glitters, hot orange glitters, and pink neon micro flakies. I was trying my hardest to get a good watermarble using the green, blue, and pink colors of the neon glitter toppers but I just couldn't! I mean I'm not that good with watermarbles to begin with but this time it was just a complete fail. So instead I followed Hello Glossy's tutorial on a waterless watermarble. The formula and application on this is great! You get tons of glitters on your brush. 

At The Lake. 2 coats over Orly Neon Heat. This is a clear base polish with neon blue, neon purple glitters and electric blue micro flakies. Recycled mani alert! I just loved the dry watermarble so I only redid my pinky and ringer finger. I think I like this pair more. Again, the formula and application is great.

Lemon Limeade. 2 coats over China Glaze Be More Pacific. This is a clear base with a neon yellow glitter, neon green glitter and neon green micro flakies. I just loved wearing this over a light green so I had to do it again. The formula and application was great on this one too!

I am so impressed by these! Michelle is so creative ( duh! shes creative Nail Chick on IG! lol) I definitely recommend this brand, Michelle's polishes are of great quality and their so unique!  You can purchase these by clicking Here. You can follow Laquerlicious on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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