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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired By A Beverage/Food: Firecracker Popsicles

Hey guys! 

Twinsie Tuesday is here again! This week, us girls are doing nails inspired by a Beverage/Food. I hard a hard time coming up with something for this prompt because for some reason I kept thinking that it had to be inspired by an actual brand of food or something, but then I realized that I was just giving myself a hard time. lol I remembered that there's tons of cute and fun designs that fall under food or a beverage category, like cupcakes, ice cream, or cookies. I've actually never done those types of nail art, but I went a little different with this prompt. Check out what I did after the jump!

First off, I'd like to welcome Lisa from Polish Playground! She's the newest edition to the group. I'm not sure if she's participating in this prompt but be sure to check her blog out since she has some really amazing nail art!

I noticed that I have yet to do Fourth of July inspired mani this year so I thought, why not today? And I found these lovely nails that I just had to recreate, especially because they fall perfectly under the summer category as well, I mean who doesn't eat Popsicles during the summer!? I was going to do ice cream nails but my boyfriend said Popsicles instead so that's how I lead to The Daily Varnish and her lovely nails. I also figured it was something easy to do since I don't have much time this week, there's tons of swatches that I have lined up!

Anyways, here's what I used:

L to R: Wet N Wild Wild Shine Red Red and French White Creme, and OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay

It looked really easy to do, but I hard a hard time since my nails are so short right now. I was having trouble leaving enough white space in between both colors. I'm not sure how much these look like the Firecracker Popsicles, they just look like ombre nails, but you guys know what I was trying to do so does that count?? lol Why did my nails have to break?! 

Anyways, here I have it without the star studs I added:

And here's with the stars:

I mean, it's not literally food, but I hope you guys get what I was trying to do!

I hope you guys like it!

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  1. This is absolutely perfect!! Looks just like the Popsicles! Great post hun!

  2. awwh that is so sweet! Definitely one I want to try and recreate (and probably fail miserably with haha)

  3. So cute! I used to love those firecracker popsicles. Makes me think of the ice cream truck.

  4. This is nice! I'm digging that gradient with these colors too.

  5. I love this look! I actually have some of those Popsicles in my freezer right now!

  6. I love it! Plus it's the perfect July 4 mani!

  7. Ahhhhh third time I'm trying this comment! I keep hitting sign out! lol okay here we go again. I love this manicure! I need to do it for the fourth!!!! I also really want a popscicle now! lol

  8. ooh, I like those firecracker popsicles. They're perfect on a hot day.