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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jior Couture: #JiorNailsAndDrink Summer Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey girls! Thursday again huh? How does the time go by so fast!? I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I went to Disneyland yesterday and it was great! It was pretty packed for a Wednesday though. Anyways, today, I have an awesome brand to share with you all, called Jior Couture. I have actually swatched a polish for Jior Couture before, which you can see here... plus there's nail art! Sacha, from Jior Couture is releasing a new collection called #JiorNailsandDrink. Check out the swatches below!

The #JiorNailsandDrink collection consists  of 24 beautiful polishes ranging from solar changing, fluorescent, glow in the dark, and shimmer polishes. Just a little something for everyone! There's so many colors to choose from so make sure to keep an eye out. This collection is being released Saturday, June 28th, click here to purchase

Green Apple Sparkler. 4 coats. This is a fluorescent bright green jelly. It was pretty sheer, so I suggest wearing it over an undie. I was able to get full opacity with 4 coats but I think it's because my nails are so short right now. Other than that, the formula and application was great, no balding. 

And here it is under a black light, look at it glow! So bright! So green! lol It looks awesome.

Pineapple Punch Splash. 3 coats. This is a frost yellow polish with yellow shimmer. It was a bit sheer, but it built up quiet nicely. Again, frosts are not my cup of tea because of the brushstrokes but this wasn't that bad. I know they're pretty visible in the picture below but in real life they're not, I swear! Just make sure to be careful when you apply and don't do too many brushstrokes!

Mixed Berry Spritzer. 4 coats. This is a fluorescent, glow in the dark, bright lavender jelly. I thought this polish was so amazing! It's very unique! It's hard to describe what it looks like in the bottle because it's a lavender, but it's bright at the same time, as if it glows. I wish that it would look like that when applied on my nails but it's pretty sheer and the color doesn't show through. Like in the picture below, you can see that my nails come out looking pinkish, while the bottle looks bright lavender (the picture is color accurate, that's actually what my nails looked like).

bottle shot
And here it is under a black light. It's so bright! I really love it! 

And here it is glowing in the dark. It was really bright as it is, but I did charge it a bit under my black light to make it pop. I really like this color! I usually only see green glow in the dark polishes, so this to me is really unique.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the high quality of these polishes. They weren't streaky or anything. They were so easy to apply. They are a bit sheer, but then they wouldn't be jellies wouldn't they?? Remember, this collection is being released Saturday, June 28th, click here to purchase. You can follow Jior Couture on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google +.

So what do you guys think about this collection so far?

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  1. Loving the ones that glow in the dark, so cool!