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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love, Angeline: Smoke And Mirrors Part Two: Trickster Collection- Swacthes & Review

Hey guys!

Just a quick post today. I have a couple of Love, Angeline Polish swatches from a past collection called Smoke And Mirrors: Part 2. Here's a description of them:

  • Metamorphosis: a grey crelly with yellow, grey, orange, and fuchsia hexes in different sizes
  • Vanishing Act: white crelly with light blue, light yellow, and teal hexes in different sizes

Metamorphosis. 3 coats. The formula and application on this is awesome. You get tons of glitter on your brush, no need to fish for it. I really like the color combination of the glitters with the grey base. Just remember to apply thin coats and to wait between each coat to let it dry.

Vanishing Act. 4 coats, no undies. This polish definitely needs a bit more coats than usual because of the white base but its so pretty! You can do a white base to make application easier if you want. The formula and application was great.

You can purchase these at Love, Angeline's store front by clicking here. Also follow their facebook, instagram, and pinterest!

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