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Sunday, January 12, 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection 2014: Swatches & Review

Hey guys!!

So how is 2014 going so far? I have been lagging it with posts. But I have been seeing some awesome nail art lists on instagram that I'm going to try. I don't have as much swatching to do so I think I'll be able to do it. I just have to stop procrastinating!

Anyways, I'm sure you all have heard of the new OPI Gwen Stefani Collection! This collection consists of 7 new limited edition shades, 1 glitter topper, 3 cremes, 2 satin, 1 chrome polish. Overall I like the variation in the shades but I think I'm just ready for all the spring collections. I really like bright colors so I'm kind of over seeing darker shades.

Here's a list of them and their descriptions:

  • 4 In The Morning: dark grey/black satin
  • I Sing In Color: dark vampy red creme
  • Hey Baby: Bright pink creme
  • In True Stefani Fashion: glitter topper with silver and holographic glitters
  • Love.Angel.Music.Baby: gold satin
  • Over & Over A-Gwen: red creme 
  • Push & Shove: Silver chrome
4 In The Morning. 2 thin coats. I really like this whole satin effect. It's pretty much just matte, but it has a bit of a shimmer to it and it does feel a bit different. (Is that just me that thinks that?? lol) This is pretty dark, almost a black, but not quite there. I have it here with and without a topcoat. 

without top coat

with top coat

I Sing In Color. 2 coats. I love this red! I'm a big fan of reds, especially these vampy reds. The formula and application was great too. It did slightly stain my nails so make sure to wear a base coat!

Hey Baby. 3 thin coats. When I saw this pink, I didn't think much of it. I like pinks, but I felt like I already had a shade like this. But once I put it on, I really liked it! It's so bright! The formula and application was great. Note: it was slightly hard to capture the correct shade of pink so it might not be 100% color accurate.

In True Stefani Fashion. This glitter topper is very pretty. It's not all that unique, but I still like it. The application is great on it, you get tons of glitter on your brush when applying it. Here I have it over a few shades:

Over Hey Baby

over 4 In The Morning

over Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. 3 coats. This gold satin is so pretty! I think it's one of my favorite golds. The formula and application was great. I have it here with and without a top coat but to me it doesn't really look all that different to me.

without top coat

with top coat

Over & Over A-Gwen. 3 coats. I bet a lot of people are saying "Another red?" and yeah it might not look all that unique, but this red is just stunning. It is the perfect red, not too dark, not too bright. I totally recommend this polish, plus the formula was great. It did slightly stain my nails so I suggest wearing a base coat with this.

Before I forget, this red polish came in it's own box since it's Gwen Stefani Signature Color. I don't know how much they're selling it at your typical store, like Ulta, but I had to buy this for $7, more than what I usually pay for OPI polishes at my local nail supply store. It came with nail glue, nail studs, and a pamphlet with nail art ideas.

Push & Shove. 3 coats. I'm kind of unsure about this one. I really like the idea of it and everything, but the formula was all that great. I mean i got full coverage just from 2 coats, but there were lots of brush strokes and this shows every imperfection your nail might have. Just try to do thin coats. You're not supposed to use a top coat for this, and it also came with a special base coat called Lay Down That Base but I'm not sure if you need to apply this specific base or you can use any other base coat.

And I loved what The PolishAholic did for her OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Art(which you can look at by clicking here.) post that I decided to recreate the splatter nails she did using 4 In The Morning as the base and Push & Shove splattered over it. I just love how it came out.

I also tried to recreate the nail art they did on the ads they've been using to promote this collection. It looks awesome on Gwen Stefani's nails and I thought, It can't be that hard, but I was wrong lol. I totally need to practice nail art more. Hope you guys like it!

I used Push & Shove, I Sing In Color, and Hey Baby

There you go guys, sorry it took me forever to post this. I've been kind of busy lately and have been in a funk lately. I don't know, I just haven't been wanting to paint my nails much lately. But I had a small haul today and I'm excited for the things I'll be swatching soon so stay tuned!

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