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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Polish My Life: Collegiate Crush Fall Colection

Hey everyone!

Today I have 8 swatches from Polish My Life. 

Here's a list and their description:

  • Collegiate Crush Fall Collection:
    • Knight & Gold Day: glitter topper with black shards, gold squares, white stars and black and gold micro glitter
    • Gator Tail: glitter topper with blue and orange glitter with white stars and red hearts
    • My Garnett, Your Gold: glitter topper with red, gold, and black micro glitter, red diamond glitter, and white stars
    • Bull Turf: glitter topper with gold squares, green micro glitter and white stars
    • Orange U Glad Its Green: glitter topper with orange and green micro glitter, golden squares, and matte green circles
    • Shark Bait: glitter topper with blue and silver hexes and long white bars
  • Mystic Series Collection
    • The Mystic Coven: micro purple glitter, micro silver hexes, blue hexes, and pink diamonds
  • Halloween Baby Boo Collection:
    • Burple Witches Brew: sheer purple jelly base with black and orange micro glitters, black shards, and blue/grey diamonds
So first up is the Collegiate Fall Collection, Florida Edition. 

Knight & Gold Day, 2 coats over Julep Kendra. I love the combination of this glitter topper. I think I should have tried a lighter base, but I thought It would look good under a dark green. I do wish there was more glitter, but it's very scattered. It's still pretty though.

Gator Tail, 2 coats over Serum No. 5 Eternal Sunshine. I totally love this! And the blue and orange go really well together.

My Garnett, Your Gold, 2 coats over Julep Florence. I really like this! I think it's because red and gold go so well together, and the black glitter is a nice plus.

Bull Turf, 2 coats over Julep Valerie. I really like the glitter combination in this one as well but I do wish the glitter wasn't so scattered.

Orange U Glad Its Green, 2 coats over Nicole by OPI Back to Reality...TV. I really liked this one. And though it's not part of the Halloween collection, to me it does, especially with this base.

Shark Bait, 2 coats over Orly Voyeuristic Adventure and Serum No. 5 Burning Orchid. I initially had swatched it over Burning Orchid, but for some reason I didn't like it much so I did it over orly instead. I really like this one too, especially the white bars.

And the Mystic Series Collection, inspired by The Mystic Series novels and it consists of two polishes, The Mystic Coven(shown below) and Layla's Love, which you can find swatches of at Polish My Life's instagram by clicking here.  

The Mystic Coven, 2 coats over Essie In The Cab-Ana. I love this one! those pink diamonds are so pretty! 

And the Halloween Baby Boo Collection, consists of 3 shades, but I only have one to show you: Burple Witches Brew.

Burple Witches Brew, 2 coats over OPI Siberian Nights. OMG I love this one! The base is so pretty, its actually a bit more blue but since it's pretty sheer, I decided to layer it over purple.

You can purchase all of these shades at Polish My Life's storefront by clicking here. Follow Shaneka, the creator of Polish My Life at instagram and facebook!! 

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