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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trelly Polish: Swatches and Review

Hey guys!

Wow, I kinda disappeared there... lol Sorry! Work has been a drag lately, so I just haven't had time to paint my nails. But anyways, today I have some swatches for you by Trelly Polish. I love this polish brand! They have very creative polishes and even a Little Mermaid inspired collection and of course I just had to have it since Ariel is my favorite princess. I actually bought these about a month ago but I felt inspired to swatch these because of the recent release of The Little Mermaid movie(which I obviously pre ordered lol). So here they are:

And here's a description of them, from left to right:
  • Lisa Frank is Da Bomb: This is a neon glitter topper with large pink, blue, green, orange, purple hexes, silver holo hearts, and black rectangular glitter and dots
  • Poor Unfortunate Soul: black jelly polish with purple hexes and squares, light purple squares, green squares and dots, and iridescent glitter 
  • Kiss The Girl: minty green base with purple dots, teal hexes, silver squares and dots, and green hexes
  • Under the Sea: glitter topper with aqua squares, bars, and hexes; light purple hexes; dark purple hexes and squares; iridescent hexes; and small fuchsia dot glitters
The first swatch is of Lisa Frank is Da Bomb, 2 thin coats over Essie First Timer. When I saw this polish, I absolutely had to have it. The inspiration behind it is awesome and the polish itself is amazing! 

And here's a bottle shot under a black light

The next 3 swatches are of The Little Mermaid Collection, currently, only Poor Unfortunate Soul is still available, the other 2 are now retired. I'm just glad I got them on time.

First swatch is of Poor Unfortunate Soul, 3 coats by itself. I absolutely love this polish. The colors are spot on and I immediately think about Ursula. This polish is incredibly hard to photograph because of the black. Also, I just noticed that my bottle says Poor Unfortunate and not Poor Unfortunate Souls lol, oh well. 

I couldn't avoid the glare in order to show the glitters

Next swatch is of Kiss The Girl, 3 coats. OMG! I love this polish, the base color, the glitter combo, its just perfect together. I don't even know how you can capture this scene so perfectly in a bottle, but Cassie did so very well.

And the last swatch is of Under the Sea, 2 thin coats over Julep Missy. I wanted to swatch this over something different but I feel like there's a reason why it's swatched over the same types of colors all the time lol. But I still liked this combination. 

Overall the application and formula were amazing, I was able to get all the types of glitters with no issue. I totally recommend you guys buying Trelly Polish. You purchase Trelly Polish by clicking here. Also, you can follow Trelly Polish on Instagram and on Facebook

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  1. Very pretty! I've been a bit out of commission to since my computer decided to die. But I'm back with a brand new beast and I'm unstoppable!!! LOL.