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Monday, October 28, 2013

Part 3: Laquerlicious Swatches & Review

Hey guys!

Today I have more Laquerlicious polishes for you! Yup, they're pretty awesome!

Here's a list of the 5 polishes and they're description*:

  • Barbie Girl: glitter topper loaded with stars, circles, rectangles, hex and square / pink and green neon, purple and green pastel, black and white matte glitter
  • Star Attitude: glitter topper with every shape, size and finish of purple, lavender, teal and light blue glitter you can imagine! Also includes purple, lavender, teal and light blue star glitter
  • Caramelized Applesred shimmery brown base with red, gold and green metallic circle glitter. It has tiny multi colored micro glitter as well
  • Diamond Divadeep fuchsia jellyish base with pink, purple and teal micro glitter and shimmer
  • Root Beer Floatshimmery brown/grey/silvery base with a rainbow of micro glitter shades
descriptions taken from Laquerlicious's etsy shop

First swatch is of Barbie Girl, 2 thin coats over Essie Turquoise & Caicos. OMG I love the glitter combination in this, and the name is just perfect. Application and formula was perfect.

Next up is Star Attitude, 2 thin coats over Julep Missy. This polish was sent to me to swatch it, and I was so happy because I was actually going to buy it, but Barbie Girl took it's spot instead, so thanks Michelle! This is just a glitter bomb, and its awesome!

Next is Caramelized Apples, 3 thin coats. This polish is just so creative. And it really does look like caramelized apples. This polish is just perfect for fall. Application and formula were great.

Next is Diamond Diva, 2 thin coats. Yup, TWO thin coats, that's how awesome the formula was. Honestly, this polish didn't catch my attention that much in the bottle, but once I put it on, it just blew me away. I'm not gonna lie, the whole fuchsia and blue shimmer have been done plenty of times, but this one is really unique and the blue flakes just add so much depth to it. Yeah its amazing.

And last but not least is Root Beer Float, 3 thin coats. This one also didn't call my attention too much in the bottle but once I put it on, I noticed all the rainbow micro glitter in there and I just thought it went so well together, because let's be honest, brown isn't the most fun color out there. But the rainbow glitter makes it really interesting.

Ok well there you go, the last part of my Laquerlicious polishes. I'm so happy with all my new polishes and I can't wait to see what Michelle comes up with next. Remember you can purchase these at her etsy page by clicking hereYou can follow Laquerlicious on facebookinstagram, and twitter.

Have a great night everyone!

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