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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bling Biscuit Lacquers: The Celestial Equinox Collection: Swatches & Review

Hey everyone! 

Today I have The Celestial Equinox Collection by Bling Biscuit Laquers.

Sorry I accidentally smudged Once Upon a Dream
Here's a list of them and their description:

  • Once Upon A Dream (Pisces): Deep purple jelly with matte teal glitter in various sizes 
  • Terra (Taurus): "Is a gorgeous hunter green with black earthy undertones and subtle holo."
  • The Gemini Twins (Gemini): This polish is a glitter topper or could be worn alone. It has large gold holo circles, gold micro fine holo glitter and lime green holo hex.
  • When Stars Align (Libra):  A glitter topper with purple holo micro fine glitter, large lavender holo circles, matte purple hexes, small silver holo dots, and iridescent shimmer
  • Capra (Capricorn): "Is a gorgeous cream colored base with green holographic hexagons in various sizes. It also glows a bright green in the dark!"
  • Moon Maiden (Cancer): "This polish has silver holo crescent moons, silver holo circles, and iridescent shimmer throughout. This polish also glows aqua in the dark!"
*Descriptions of these polishes were taken from the Bling Biscuit Lacquers website.

The Celestial Equinox Collection is inspired by the zodiac signs. I'm in the month of March so my sign is Aries... so I can't wait to see what my sign looks like! I only have half of the collection but you can follow Alexandria's Instagram for pictures and swatches for the other half of the collection.

First swatch is Once Upon A Dream, 4 coats. It's a little bit sheer 'cause it's a jelly polish so it's expected. I really like this polish because it's so simple yet the color combination makes it really stand out. Formula and application were great. 

Next swatch is of Terra, 3 coats. I didn't think I was gonna like this one as much, honestly. Not because it's an ugly color, but because I personally prefer bright colors and this obviously isn't. But once on my nails, WOW, its so beautiful! The shimmer, the holo OMG! See for yourself:

Next swatch is of The Gemini Twins, 1 coat on pointer and ring finger, two coats on middle and pinky finger over Sinful colors Leather Loose. This polish made my camera go crazy and It made it so hard to capture this!

My camera kept getting out of focus because of all the sparkles!

Next swatch is of When Stars Align, 2 coats. Look at those circles!! If you guys don't know, I'm super obsessed with all the circular glitter polishes! I layered this over Color Club  Hydrangea Kiss( I felt like 
i could have used a better base color).

Next swatch is of Capra, 5 coats. I think this is meant to be worn over something because it was pretty sheer. I'm glad I didn't use any undies because I actually like how it looks on its own, its also harder for me to wear really sheer polishes cause my nails are so long. I love this one! oh and its glow in the dark!!!

And the final swatch is of Moon Maiden, 2 coats on top of Elf Thunderstorm. This one is so pretty! And it's another glow in the dark one. I don't know why I couldn't capture how strong the glow is, but in real life it was pretty strong!

Please excuse the bad clean up. Plus, what matters is the glow right!!

And a bottle shot (:

Oh and I almost forgot to include, Age Of Aquarius, which I believe to have inspired Alexandria to complete the rest of the zodiac signs. This is a glitter topper with a combination of purple, blue, and green matte squares and hexes, as well as large holo aqua circles and turquoise holo hexI absolutely loved this when I saw it!

This swatch was from a while ago, when my nails were still growing. I did 2 coats over a Color Club polish as well, but I don't know the name. 

Overall, the formula and application on all of these were amazing. I had no problems at all. I really liked the variety in this half of the collection! Can't wait to see swatches for the other half. The Celestial Equinox Collection will be released this Saturday, Oct. 5th at noon pst. You can purchase these for $8 each and $9.50 for the glow in the dark polishes at Bling Biscuit Lacquers's store front by clicking here

I also asked Alexandria some questions:

  1. What is your favorite out of The Celestial Equinox Collection? and what sign are you?
                     A: "My favorite(s) from the collection are "Once in a dream" based on the zodiac sign Pisces and "Terra" for Taurus, but honestly I love them all! I'm a July baby, so I'm a cancer."
  1. When did your love for polish begin?
                      A: "My love for polish began while I was going through a rough time in my life. I found the nail community on Instagram and was instantly addicted. Since then I have met some amazing ladies who have helped me get through the hard times and I have expanded my nail polish stash dramatically (lol). I find painting my nails therapeutic and relaxing and I love making polish for others to enjoy. For me it's a win-win!"
                    -And I'm glad she makes polish cause they're so pretty! And I totally agree with her about instagram, you really do find some awesome people on there! And the polish stash....yeah it just keeps growing and growing and growing.... lol

  1. How can followers follow you on social media?

So remember the Celestial Equinox Collection will be released this Saturday, Oct. 5th at noon pst!!! Be there, or be square! 



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