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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Juice Box Lacquer: Glitter ALL The Things Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!

Today I have The Juice Box Lacquer's Glitter ALL The Things Collection, which you can pre-order right now by clicking here!

Are you a glitter junkie? Do you need to layer every mani with loads of glitter? If so, you've come to the right place! The Glitter ALL The Things Collection will definitely satisfy your needs. All 10 polishes is jam packed with all types of glitter: flowers, stars, large circles, etc. 

Here's a list of each polish and their description:

  • The Trash: Rainbow glitter topper with large circles and hexes, squares, bars, stars in different sizes and colors
  • The Lemonade Stand: large hot pink hexes, large yellow hexes, fuchsia circles, pink flowers, light yellow circles and hexes, large light pink circles
  • The Superman T- Shirt: glitter topper with blue hearts, hexes, and squares; yellow, red, white, neon yellow,  and pink hexes.
  • The Toys: glitter topper with red hexes and circles, green squares and pastel green circles, yellow hexes and mustard yellow circles, and golden hexes and large circles, blue and aqua hexes
  • The Grapes: glitter topper with lime green hexes, mint circles, green squares,white hexes and circles, purple hexes, lavender micro glitter, squares, circles and hexes; pink hexes and micro glitter, and light pink large holo circles
  • The Berries: blue hexes, teal squares and large holo circles, light pink circles, pink flowers, and fuchsia hexes and circles
  • The Tatas: pink glitter topper with hexes, large circles, squares, flowers in a variety of sizes.
  • The Strawberry Fields Forever: green circles and squares, lime green micro glitter,  hot pink hexes, light pink hexes and circles, rose pink holo circles, and mint circles
  • The Fairies: pink, purple, and white glitter topper with silver stars and large light pink holo circles
  • The Snow: glitter topper with black and white hexes and circles; white diamonds; blue circles, squares, and hearts, off white circles, and large silver circles
First up is The Trash, 2 thin layers over Revlon Minted. Love this one. It just has a variety of glitter, yup, total glitter bomb. 

Next is The Lemonade Stand, 2 thin coats over Serum No. 5 Sunset Flare. This is one of my favorites from this collection. It's so simple with just two types of colors, but it's very unique.  

The Superman T-Shirt, 2 thin coats over Finger Paints Go Van Gogh! Love this one too! This one doesn't really remind me of Superman honestly, I think it's because I paired it with a Christmas green.

Next is The Toys, 2 thin coats over Finger Paints Warm He-Art-Ed. This one kind of looks similar to The Superman T-Shirt to me, but just less blue. I do like this one, but it's not my favorite. 

The Grapes, 2 thin coats over Essie In The Cab-ana. I absolutely love this one! The colors are so pretty and go so well together, it just yells spring to me.

The Berries, 2 thin coats over Polish KPT Fluorescein. I thought it was an odd pick cause its so neon, but I wanted to try it any way and I really liked it! This one is seriously one of my favorites!

Next up is The Tatas, 2 thin coats over Essie Bikini So Teeny. When I first saw this one, I wasn't completely blown away because it was just so pink, but once I applied it to my nails, I really love it! 

We're almost there!! (:

Next is The Strawberry Fields Forever, 2 thin coats over Essie Turquoise & Caicos. Also one of my favorites from this collection. I really love glitters with green, pink and white lol I don't know why, I guess those colors just look so well together. 

The Fairies, 2 thin coats over Serum No. 5 Burning Orchid. I think this one is my favorite! It's so pretty, and girly. and I love it over this color. 

And lastly is The Snow, 2 thin coats over China Glaze Pelican Grey. I love blue and white glitter toppers, they totally remind me of the snow. 

Overall, I didn't have much trouble with these. I did flip over each one before each use to help the big glitters sink. I did have trouble on a couple of them because I felt that there was too much glitter and not enough base to help spread them out. I think what also affectd the application was the small brush because I would get too much glitter on the brush and it clump up. It wasn't really a huge problem, cause it was totally workable. I just dabbed glitters light to avoid them getting stuck together.  

These polishes are available for pre-order right now! Sunday, Nov 10th is the last day to pre-order so click here so you don't miss out! Follow The Juice Box Lacquer on instagram and facebook to get more updates!

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