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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Big Spoon Lacquers: Holiday 2013 - Swatches & Review

Hey guys!

Today I have a new indie polish brand, to me at least, called Big Spoon Lacquers. She recently released her Holiday 2013 Collection which actually consists of 3 categories with 3 polishes in each category. The categories consist of: The Christmas Trio, The Hanukkah Trio, and The New Year's Eve Trio. I don't have all 3 trios today but you can definitely follow Big Spoon Lacquers on Facebook, Instagram, and/or her Pauline's blog to see swatches of the rest of her polishes, and you can find out more about Pauline and the making of her new indie polish line. 

Here's a list of the polishes that I received and their description:

  • Christmas Trio:
    • Meet Me Under The Mistletoe: white based crellie with green circles, red hexes, and golden shimmer throughout
    • Christmas Tree In A Bottle(Limited Edition): green jelly polish with light green bars, blue, red, and yellow hexes, and small holo hexes
  • Hanukkah Trio:
    • 25: sheer light blue jelly with purple, blue, green shimmer
  • New Year's Eve Trio:
    • Breaking Ataviam: glitter topper with green shimmer and purple/blue shimmer through out
    • Kiss Me At Midnight: sheer dark blue jelly with green, blue, and purple shimmer through out
And here are the swatches!

First the Christmas Trio...

Christmas Tree In A Bottle, 3 coats. I love this one! I love the bars and the blue hexes in this! It honestly does look like a Christmas tree in a bottle. Application and formula was great. Plus, it's a limited edition polish so get it before it's gone!

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, 4 coats. This one is pretty sheer, but it build up nicely. I absolutely love the shimmer and just overall, the combination of glitters. This is such a beautiful polish for Christmas.

Next up is the New Year's Eve Trio:

Kiss Me At Midnight, 5 thin coats and no undies. This one is extremely sheer and I recommend wearing this over something else. I did it with nothing underneath because i wanted to show how the polish truly looks. I love the shimmer in this though, it definitely caught my eye while I was wearing this.

Braking Ataviam, 2 thin coats over American Apparel Hassid. I really like this glitter topper. And I can't wait to play around to see what I can layer it over.

And the last one is 25, from the Hanukkah Trio. I did 5 coats, no undies. This one is also really sheer. I feel like this one is really similar to Kiss Me At Midnight, it's just that KMAM is a dark blue and 25 is a light blue. And sorry I couldn't capture the shimmer as much as I wanted to, it was very hard to photograph this polish.

You can purchase the Christmas trio for only $22 right now! so head on over to Pauline's storefront by clicking here. And like I said you can follow Big Spoon Lacquers through Facebook, Instagram, and BSL's blog.

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