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Monday, November 25, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color Haul: Swatches & Review

Hey guys! 

Monday again huh? ugh... but at least Thanksgiving is in a few days! What are you guys planning on doing? I'm planning on eating and hanging out with family. I don't think I'm doing anything for Black Friday cause I work that day, and also because I'm probably gonna do all my shopping online buying tons of indie polishes! LOL

Anyways, today I have a Polish Addict Nail Color haul that I actually purchased about a week or 2 ago and have had the swatches ready but have been lagging it on writing up this blog post. I actually have another PANC haul coming in a few days I hope, that I purchased during Laura's birthday sale ( Happy Birthday Laura...again! lol). Yeah, I'm a PANC ADDICT. It currently holds first place for my largest collection in my polish stash. I have over half a helmer drawer full with PANCs! Anyways, let's get down to the needy greedy lol...

A list and description of what I bought:

  • Cursed: black jelly polish with blue, yellow, and green iridescent hexes
  • Scary Clowns: black jelly polish packed with rainbow glitter in different shapes and sizes like hexes, squares, stars, and bars
  • Cotton Candy Shop: a glow in the dark light purple crelly with purple, pink and yellow hexes and micro glitters
  • Dark Secrets:  purple crelly with dark purple, pink and blue micro glitter 
  • Tutti Fruitti: light pink crelly with blue, orange pink, green, silver, white and fuchsia glitters like hexes and circles with a pink and silver shimmer
  • Mad Hater's Tea Party: light coral pink crelly with yellow, pink, red, orange, green, black glitters in different shapes and sizes like hexes, stars, circles and micro glitters
  • A Vampire's Kiss: a dark red jelly with silver hexes and large holo circles; red, blue, black and yellow hexes with silver micro glitter
  • Berry Bewitching: light purple crelly with green, blue, orange, white yellow, and red glitters in different shapes and sizes
  • Banana Colada: light yellow crelly with large light yellow, yellow pink, green hexes; aqua blue, light green, light pink squares; fuchsia and purple hexes and micro glitter
All of these polishes has an amazing formula, I mean come on, it's PANC. I totally recommend these for everyone, especially a glitter junkie like me lol. I don't know if Laura still offers these since these were being discontinued at the time that I purchased them, but you might get one if you purchase a mystery box which will have an exclusive polish if you purchase the box on black Friday! The store is closed til Friday so make purchase your box! Just click here. Or you can purchase any polishes from her current Christmas collection(which I'll have a couple of swatches of them soon) and/or any other polish she'll have at her store, which she'll have off for 35% off!

Ok let's get to the swatches...

First up is Cursed, 4 coats. this is pretty sheer, but it builds up nicely. God, I love this polish. It's like so different but yet very simple. I was just staring at my nails all day.

....yes lots of pictures! lol

Scary Clowns , 3 thin coats. I absolutely love this polish! I wanted to get this one in my mystery box so bad, but since I didn't, I put another order in and finally purchased it. I wish I had longer nails to really show it off ):

Cotton Candy Shop, 3 thin coats. I really like this one. It only has a few different colored glitter, but it's pretty. Plus it glows in the dark!

Next is Dark Secrets, 3 coats, no undies. I thought I was gonna like this one more. I still like it but it's not my favorite. Still very pretty.  

Next up is Tutti Fruitti, 3 coats. Such a pretty pink polish. Love all the different glitters in this!

Mad Hater's Tea Party, 3 coats. This one looks really similar to Tutti Fruitti but a different base, and it does have different glitters. I do like this one but I wish that it would remind me more of the Mad Hater.

A Vampire's Kiss, 3 coats. I really love this one! I don't have many red jelly polishes so that why I ordered this one and I was not disappointed by it, at all.

Berry Bewitching, 3 coats, no undies. I love any purple crelly/jelly polish! Love the glitter combo in this.

Banana Colada, 3 coats. I can't believe I waited this long to buy this one! I love this so much! I think it's my favorite from this haul. It's so cute! The base, the glitters, just everything is perfect! Totally recommend this!

 Remember you can purchase PANC at Laura's storefront by clicking here. Also follow PANC on facebook and Instagram.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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