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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dashing Housewife Polish: Christmas Cheer Holiday Collection

Wow, a post everyday for the past 3 days! And I already have tomorrow's ready! Well, to me it's awesome cause I've definitely been having a hard time keeping up, so let me just pat myself on the back real quick lol. jk. 

Well, today I have Dashing Housewife Polish again, this time with her Christmas Cheer Holiday Collection that is absolutely awesome! I'll show them to you in a bit, but first, here's a list of each polish and their descriptions:

  • Frostbite:  light blue base with shimmer and silver, blue and purple holo glitters
  • Snow Is Glistening: white shimmery base with silver squares and micro glitter, and iridescent squares, shards, and micro glitter
  • Santa Baby: pink/fuchsia polish with fuchsia micro glitters and scattered silver micro glitter
  • Under The Mistletoe: glitter topper with neon green and green hexes, squares and micro glitter; red hexes and large red hearts and circles
  • Baby It's Cold Outside: blue/teal frost with a bit of purple shimmer
  • Holiday Cheermeister: a glitter topper with green and silver hexes, squares, and circles
  • MINTer Wonderland: light/pastel green with white hexes in different sizes with a slight blue and silver shimmer
  • Frosted Cookie: white base polish with red and green hexes, silver squares, and red and green microglitter in a shimmer base
First up is Frostbite, 3  thin coats, no undies. I love this polish! I think it's one of my favorites from this collection. Application and formula was awesome.

Next up is Snow Is Glistening, 4 thin coats, no undies. I really like this polish too! It's so beautiful, very simple, but very beautiful. It's a bit sheer but it builds up nicely.

Santa Baby, 3 coats, no undies. This one didn't stand out to me all that much because of the rest of the awesome polishes in this. But I did like it a lot on my nails. Application and formula was great.

You can really see the silver shimmer in this one.

Under The Mistletoe, 2 thin coats over Essie Lots of Lux. OMG I just love this combination. Under the Mistletoe is so beautiful! It's a perfect polish for Christmas. I flipped the bottle over before applying and I didn't have any issues with the big glitters.

Close up, Isn't is beautiful!

Baby It's Cold Outside, 4 coats, no undies. I did like this polish, but I guess I'm just more of a glitter gal than a frosty polish. 

Holiday Cheermeister, 2 thin coats over China Glaze Just Be- Claws. Very pretty. Application and formula was great.

MINTer Wonderland, 4 coats, no undies. First of all, I love the name! So clever! I absolutely love the idea of this polish because white and pastel green go perfect together. I do wish the green in this polish was a bit more pastel but it's still very pretty. It is pretty sheer, and it was a bit goopy but totally workable. 

And last but not least is Frosted Cookie, 3 coats, no undies. I really like this one. Its very cute. Application and formula was great.

I really liked this collection overall. There's a little something for everyone and on top of that it's really well made cause I didn't have much trouble with the application on these. You can purchase this from Dashing Housewife Polish's etsy store by clicking here. And like always, you can follow Dashing Housewife Polish on instagram, and  facebook for sales and updates!

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