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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color: October Mystery Box - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! 

I recently received my October mystery box from Polish Addict Nail Color and I was very happy with it! I love all the colors that I got! I also got some golden hex glitter, some caviar beads and some candy, which I of course ate already lol.

Here's a list of polishes that I got and their description:

  • Halloween Party: glitter topper packed with glitter like hexes, squares, bars, stars, pumpkin glitters in different colors, all in a shimmery base with rainbow micro glitter
  • Zombie Unicorn: glitter topper packed with stars, hexes, and bars in different sizes and colors in a micro glitter base.
  • The Walking Dead: gray/greenish crelly with a mix of large green hexes, yellow, gold, iridescent and gray glitters and neon green squares
  • Robot & Monster: pink based crelly with stars, hexes, bars, and square glitters in different shapes and sizes
  • Chillin' In Autumn: off white crelly base with a hint of pink with a golden shimmer mixed with black and green circles, bronze hexes, orange hexes and squares, yellow hexes, and white hexes
I also got Neon Lights but I already have that one so I didn't want to include it. So here are the swatches:

First swatch is Halloween Party, 2 thin coats over Nicole by OPI Not A Gold Bigger. I loved this one so much! It's just packed with a bunch of glitter! I put it upside down for a bit before I applied.

Next is Zombie Unicorn, 2 thin coats over Essie Bikini So Teeny. I did like this one, but to me it does look pretty similar to Halloween Party. The difference is that its not in a shimmer base and there's not that many different types of glitter.

Next up is The Walking Dead, 3 coats. I absolutely love this one! I love the color grey/ green base and the green glitter really pops, especially those green hexes! awesome formula and application too.

Next up is Robot & Monster, 3 coats. I really like this one too! The application and formula was great on these and I seriously am just in love with the variety of glitters in this.

And the last swatch is of Chillin' In Autumn, 3 coats. This is an exclusive polish for PANC's fan group on Facebook. I'm so glad I got this one! It's so awesome! And absolutely perfect for fall. And the base for this polish is really interesting cause it's not white, but it's not a full on pink. I like it a lot. Application and formula was awesome.

I totally recommend getting the mystery box because you get 5 polishes for about 25-30 bucks, plus extra nail goodies and, the polishes are awesome! You can purchase PANC at Laura's storefront by clicking here. Also follow PANC on facebook and Instagram.

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