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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Legion Lacquer: 2013 Winter/Holiday Collection and other polishes- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! 

So I have some more swatches today! I actually did some nail art a week ago or so and I totally forgot to post them here. Though, I think they weren't blog worthy anyways. It's been so hard to keep up with  the #nailartnov list because of work and swatches, but I will try! Oh also, my nail broke yesterday so I have nubbins right now. Luckily, I did these swatches before they broke, but the next swatches for sure will be on some really short nails. It sucks because my nails don't usually break that fast, I don't I have to start using something I guess. Anyways, lets get to the swatches!!

I have Legion Lacquer today, 2 polishes from their 2013 Winter/Holiday Collection and 2 other random polishes that were released a bit ago. Overall, I love these polishes, and it honestly makes me so excited for a fairly new indie polish brand that has super creative polishes with an amazing formula. I think it shows their dedication and what they'll be adding to the indie polish world. So hats off to Legion Lacquer for an awesome start (:

Here's a list of what was sent to me and their description:

The first two are from their 2013 Winter/Holiday Collection:

  • With His Nose So Bright: a caramel brown base polish with holo shimmer, black and green hexes and large red circles
  • O Christmas Tree!:  a green jelly base polish with holo shimmer, red micro squares and golden hexes

  • Royals: a glitter topper with golden hexes and stars; light pink hexes in different sizes and light pink bars; large holo circles; light purple hexes in different sizes in a holo shimmer clear base
  • Appeal To Teal: a glitter topper with silver hexes in different sizes, silver diamonds and squares; teal micro hexes and large circles, green micro circles with a dark grey shimmer base

First swatch is of With His Nose So Bright, 3 thin coat, no undies. I'm not gonna lie, when I saw this polish, I wasn't very interested in it because they color didn't call to me much. Also they glitter combination seemed weird, like it clashed too much. But once I put it one, It's so pretty! I love it and I love the idea behind it! I wouldn't change anything about it. Application and formula was great, I did flip the bottle before applying so make it easier.

Next is O Christmas Tree!, 4 coats. I really love this one! I love jellies because there's so much depth after applying many coats. They glitter combo in this is perfect. love it!

You can pre order the whole collection , or single polishes by clicking here! They will be shipped by the first week of December!   

Next swatch is of Royals, 2 thin coats over Nicole by OPI Kim Konfidential(nude base) and OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?(purple base. I did flip the bottle before applying this to bring all the big glitters down. I ended doing the same base as @nailsandawesie from instagram because I loved the purple base under this but I also thought that the nude polish would really allow it to shine and let the polish really show. 

over Nicole by OPI Kim Konfidential

over  OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?

And the last swatch is of Appeal To Teal, 2 thin coats over Nicole by OPI It's All About the Glam(white), China Glaze Pelican Grey (grey), and OPI Vant to Bite my Neck?(purple). Honestly, I couldn't find a good base for it, so I decided to try a bunch of random stuff. I think I like the white base the most.

I really liked these polishes and totally recommend them. They're very unique and the application and formula is great. You can purchase these polishes right now by clicking here. They're available for pre order only, but will be shipping soon. And you can follow them on instagram for more updates and information.

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