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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Never Ending Pile Challenge: Day 9- Had To Have It, Still Haven't Worn It: A Box Indied, April

Hey guys! So I actually was planning on using this for another prompt that I was working on, but I felt that it fell better into this category. I was actually looking forward to this prompt because I have a lot of polishes that I really really had to have and bought, but just never worn. I remember seeing this box and thinking, OMG! HOLO! HOLO! HOLO! So I decided to use my A Box Indied April.  

First off, can I just say that the box they come in are so cute! I actually still have it, I don't know what I'll use it for yet.

I was really excited about this box because other then Jindie Nails, I didn't have any polishes of the other brands and I love trying out new brands. That might actually be a bad thing though cause now I want more! The theme of this box was Rainbow and that's probably the only thing I think they could have done better with because when I see these polishes, I  don't think of a rainbow. They should have picked more colors from the rainbow, but it's ok, cause I still love these.

Perry-Twinkle by Girly Bits Cosmetics. 2 coats. This is a silver/grey holo with blue undertones polish. It also has some magenta shimmer throughout. This is gorgeous! The holo is so strong, the formula is perfect, and the color is just stunning.

Look at the magenta shimmer! So Pretty!

The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Me by Different Dimension. 3 coats. This is a royal blue holo polish. This is kind of sheer on the first coat but it builds up nicely. Again, this shade of blue is beautiful, the formula was great, and the holo is crazy strong!

Blue & Green's Love Child by Jindie Nails.  2 coats. Teal holo. This has an amazing formula! I could have easily done just one coat.

Twist Of Lime by Dollish Polish. 3 coats. Vibrant green holo. I love this shade of green but the formula wasn't too great on this polish, it was kinda of thick and also the pigment wasn't mixed well so I had these little dark green clumps on my nail. The holo wasn't as strong as the others but it was still very pretty.

Courage, Brains, Heart by Llarowe. 2 coats. A bright magenta holo. This is my first Llarowe ever and can I just say that I'm in love!? It's beautiful, and the formula was just flawless. The holo is so strong! I couldn't get pictures of this in the sun cause by the time I get home and work on my blog, the sun is gone. But even then, the holo is crazy in the pictures.

And here's the nail art I did. Sorry my lines are that straight, I need to practice those more.

I hope you guys like it! So 5 more untrieds used!

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