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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alchemy Laquers: Alchemical Imaginarium Water Fae Collection- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I have another awesome collection to show you today. Rebecca from Alchemy Lacquers has done it again and made an amazing collection! I am honestly blow away by this brand every time they release a new collection, and I'm not just saying that cause I swatch for Alchemy Lacquers. I love the fact that thought it's summer, Rebecca is releasing a really unique collection and not your typical neons (though you gotta have some neons too lol). Check out the swatches below!

So this collection consists of 4 polishes, a multi chrome linear holo, a duo chrome jelly, and two cremes. This collection is being released Wednesday, May 28th at 8 pm est. 

Kelpie Seaweed. 3 coats. This is a multichrome linear holo polish that transitions from brown to green to violet. I wasn't able to capture the violet on my nails all that much but I was able to capture it in a bottle shot:

The green transition is very strong on your nails so no worries! I absolutely love this! The linear holo is so strong and the multi chrome effect is amazing! The formula and application was amazing!

I was able to capture the violet a bit on the edges of my nails here, I took this shot outside in the sun.

Nixie Tears. 3 coats. This is a turquoise jelly with iridescent glitters and a blue, purple, and pink multi chrome. I love this one too. This is probably my favorite one out of the collection. It just reminds me of mermaids. I wore this for a few days and I just kept staring at my nails! The formula is kinda of sheer but it builds up nicely.

Selkie Fur. 3 coats. This is a dark gray creme with gray flakies, scattered holo, and dark purple and blue micro glitters. I wasn't able to capture the awesomeness of this polish. It's so pretty in real life! The formula and application was great too.

Naiad Of The Spring. 3 coats. This is a bright blue creme with turquoise micro glitter and sparks of red, green, blue, and turquoise. This is so pretty! This has some scattered holo through out and the blue is just radiant! The formula and application was amazing as well.

 Overall, I am really blown away with this collection. The polishes are so unique and creative! I totally recommend it. Again, this collection is being released Wednesday, May 28th at 8 pm est.

 And I don't know if you guys remember my previous swatches for Alchemy Lacquers ( you can see them here) but I swatched a polish called Elixir No. 4. It was a beautiful sheer multi chrome polish and in my post I had mentioned that I didn't have anything like it so Rebecca sent me a full size bottle of that and I love it! Thanks Rebecca! Today I have Elixir No. 5 to show you guys which has a similar effect to Elixir No.4 so its amazing!

Elixir No. 5 I used 4 coats for this polish because it is kind of sheer, but it built up nicely. It has a semi nude base with a pink shimmer through out and gold, blue, and pink/purple micro glitter. It's amazing! I don't know how Rebecca comes up with these! lol I sure wouldn't be able to. I totally recommend this polish! 

This is the most I could get it wihtout the pink showing to show what the base looks like.

And a semi close up. 
You can purchase these here. You can also follow Alchemy Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram

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