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Friday, September 26, 2014

Laquerlicious: Polish for Pitt Bull Collaboration with The Em-purr-ium

Hey guys! It's Friday and it's payday so it's gonna be a good day lol. Anyways, today I have a quick post. Laquerlicious has once again collaborated with the The Em-purr-ium to create a Halloween theme set. Check out all the details below and find out how you can help.

Laquerlicious and the The Em-purr-ium have collaborated to create a Halloween theme set that comes with a polish and a key fob wrist strap. This duo will be available for $10 each where $5 of every set will be donated to Fresno Bully Rescue. It will be available September 26 at 2pm PST on Laquerlicious' storefront. There goal is to sell 100 sets so they can donate $500 to the Bully Rescue. It's a great cause and we should definetly support them, plus the set is so cute! 

Chills and Thrills by Laquerlicious is an amazing glitter bomb! There is just too many glitters to describe, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Though I should mention that the base though it's clear, the golden shimmer through out is pretty strong. Also, like any large glitters, they sink to the bottom so Michelle is adding a Baggie with a bunch of extra glitters for you to individually place on your nails. I ended up swatching Chills and Thrills over two different colors. Overall, the formula and application was great. Like any other glitter bomb, make sure not to have too much glitters on your brush to prevent clumping. 

Over China Glaze Givers Theme. I used one thin coat and then some glitter placement using the loose glitters. I really like this combination though the purple came out a bit darker then it actually is. 

Over Elevation Polish I Got The Axe. I used one thin coat and then glitter placement as well. I'd say this is my favorite combination out if the two. It totally reminds me of Halloween! 

The key Fob by The Em-purr-Ium has a chevron design in orange, white, and yellow topped with some shimmer. It's so pretty and is very sturdy. I'll definitely be using this to hold my keys on. It's just so practical. Make sure to head on over to their storefront to look at all their other awesome designs! 

I don't see why you wouldn't purchase this! The polish is amazing, the key fob is so cute, but most importantly it's a great cause. Learn more about Fresno Bully Rescue and what they're all about! Make sure to make your calendars, it will be available September 26 at 2pm PST on Laquerlicious' storefront. You can follow Laquerlicious on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. And you can also follow The Em-Purr-Ium on Facebook and instagram.

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  1. What a awesome and fun packed glitter that is! I love that its for a great cause too.