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Thursday, September 25, 2014

CDB Lacquer: This Is Halloween Trio plus Zombie Barbie - Swatches &Review

Hey guys! I'm back with another CDB Lacquer collection. CDB Lacquer is actually releasing more Halloween shades then what I have here, but I'm only reviewing the Nightmare Before Christmas trio and Zombie Barbie. This collection is being released tomorrow as well so get all the details down below!

I love it when indie brands release Disney inspired collections, especially if they're Halloween themed. Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of mine so I was excited to swatch this. Again it's releasing tomorrow, Friday September 26th. Click here to purchase.

The Nightmare Before Christmas trio all glow in the dark. I flipped all the bottles over five minutes before applying them to make application easier. So let's begin with the swatches. 

All Stitched Up is a light blue crellly with a slight holo shimmer and yellow, pink, red, black, and turquoise glitters in different shapes and sizes. This is inspired by Sally! It captures all her colors perfectly. I used 3 coats for the picture below. The glitters were easy to get on the brush. I love this one! I also took a picture of my nail half glowing and half not glowing. The glow was so strong! I almost had all my nail under my lamp , but the part that wasn't was still super glowing so I just has to take a picture. It's not the best quality but I just wanted to show you guys.

Master Of Fright is a white jelly with small black hexes and black skull and crossbones glitters. This one is inspired by Jack. I used 4 coats for this one because it's kind of sheer, and also because my nails are so long it takes more coats for me to achieve full coverage. The little black skull glitter is hard to get on your brush but Cheyenne always adds a Baggie with some extra glitter for you to place on your nail. 

Shadow On The Moon is a nude cruelly with green, purple, black, and yellow glitters in different shapes and sizes. This one is inspired by Oogie Boogie. I used 3 coats for the pictures below. I really love the glitter combo! 

***This polish was initially meant to be green but apparently the large purple hexes made it change colors to this tan/nude base. Nothing is wrong with it. It just simply changed color. And because of this Cheyenne is offering it for a dollar less. 

And the last polish I have to show you is a 'stand alone' polish. Zombie Barbie is a pink crelly with red/fuchsia , silver, and black glitters with white and red/fuchsia skull and crossbones glitters. This is so pretty and girly, but still very Halloween. The formula and application was great! Again, the skull glitters are hard to get on the brush but Cheyenne provides a Baggie with extras for your glitter placement. 

Overall, I really like these polishes. This is great for someone who isn't a total fan of really dark Halloween shades and for Disney fans of course! CDB Lacquer always has a great formula and unique polishes. Check out their storefront by clicking here. Again, it's being released tomorrow (Friday, September 26th).  Make sure to follow CDB Lacquer on Instagram and Facebook


  1. Awesome colors these are! Love that they glow in the dark. The glitter pieces are so cute too.