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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Essie: Hide & Go Chic Collection- Swatches & Reivew

Hey guys! I finally have time to swatch my new Essie collection. I've actually had this for a while now. For some reason I've been getting really into Essie this past year so now I have to have every Essie collection that comes out. I've been stalking my local nail supply store for the new wedding and neon collection but they've been lagging it. I'll have to go back and check soon. 

Hide & Go Chic. 2 coats. A cream azure blue polish. I really like this blue polish, it's bright but its not in your face. I could have easily done one coat but its always weird for me just using one coat so I applied a second.

Truth Or Flare. 3 coats. A dusty grey with blue polish. I have read a lot of mixed reviews regarding the formula of this polish but to me it was fine and I had no issues with it. Though this polish doesn't look all that unique I don't think I have a dupe for this one in my collection.

Fashion Playground. 3 coats. A pastel mint green with silver shimmer throughout. This is probably my favorite out of the collection because i love mint greens. I probably would have liked it more if you could see the shimmer better on your nails but it was extremely subtle. 

Spin The Bottle. 3 coats. Sheer nude polish with pink undertones. I do like this nude polish but it's not all that unique. The formula wasn't that bad but be careful with application because it is runny and will flood your cuticles.

Romper Room. 2 coats. A light pink polish. This also isn't all that interesting, the formula was just like spin the bottle just really runny so be careful when you apply it.

Style Hunter. 2 coats. A bright watermelon red with pink undertones. I like this shade of red but there's nothing all that interesting about it. The formula was kind of sheer on the first coat with some visible VNL but with the second coat it was fully opaque.

Overall I didn't enjoy this collection all that much. My favorites were probably Fashion Playground, Hide & Go Chic and Truth or flare although I wasn't too crazy about those either. They should be available now at a store near you.

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