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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

OPI Spotlight On Glitter: Swatches & Review

Hey guys I have another post today. I finally was able to swatch this collection! I bought it about a month ago but haven't been able to get to it. I'm sure you guys have read reviews about this collection, and yes, there are many dupes. Check out the swatches and see for yourself...

This collection consists of 5 glitter toppers and one jelly polish. These polishes are really pretty, the only problem is that they're basically dupes of other polishes! Yeah that sucks. I still bought them cause I'm a hoarder lol and I need them all! I can't buy an incomplete collection anymore, even if that means dupes. 

Chasing Rainbows. 2 thin coats over Essie Cocktails & Coconuts. This is a rainbow glitter toppers in different hex sizes. I loved pairing this together cause the nude really lets the glitter pop. The formula and application was good, no trouble at all. 

This is obviously a dupe for Rainbow Connection from the Muppets Collection from 2011. So if you don't have that polish, here's your chance to get it.

Rainbow connection on the right, Chasing Rainbows on the left

I Reached My Gold! 2 coats over Essie After School Boy Blazer. I could not for the life of me get a good picture of this polish! Anyways, this glitter topper has large gold hexes and holographic hexes in different sizes. I did have to slightly fish out the glitter for this one. The glitter is pretty sparse so it was harder to get and on top of that, there was so much base on the brush with the glitter that it made it almost impossible to not get bubbles. But I was able to do it with lots of patience. Also , none of the glitters in my polish curved up; I know a lot of people had issues with that with When Monkeys Fly. So  at least they improved that.

This is a dupe for When Monkeys Fly from the Wizard Of Oz collection from 2013. 

When Monkeys Fly on the top; I Reached My Gold! on the bottom

Desperately Seeking Sequins. 1 coat over Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy. This is a silver holographic glitter topper with hexes and bars. I had no trouble with application or formula with this polish. It went on easily. I really like these two polishes together, it's really girly.

This is a dupe for Which is Witch, also from the Wizard of Oz Collection from 2013.

Desperately Seeking Sequins on the left, Which is Witch? on the right

You Pink Too Much. 1 coat over OPI Anti-Bleak. This glitter topper has light pink hexes with silver holographic micro glitter. This is also really pretty and girly. 

This is a dupe for Pink Yet Lavender from the first Mariah Carey Collection from 2012. 

Pink  Yet Lavender on the right, You Pink Too Much on the left

Rose Of Light. 1 coat over Polish Addict LE Pink Sugar. This glitter topper has gold and rose gold hexes and silver holographic glitter. This is not a dupe, at least in my collection. This is so pretty! You don't really see the rose and gold glitters so much, it just depends on your lighting. The formula and application was great.

Blush Hour. I decided to swatch this with and without undies. This is the one jelly in the collection. It has a sheer pink jelly as the base with pink, purple, and silver hexes. It is also slightly textured, but not because of the glitters, there must be something else in there cause it feels pretty textured, you can see it too. I did have to do two layers of top coat to even it out. I really love this one though! It's unique and really pretty. Here it is with no undies(I actually swatched this about two weeks ago on my Cinderella hand so that's why my nails were so short):

And here I layered one thin coat of it over OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?(And I swatched this one also about 2 weeks ago on my right hand but I had a break recently so they're shorter now):

I think we can all agree that we're pretty disappointed with this collection, unless you don't have any of these than I suggest getting them all, the glitters are really pretty. I recommend getting Blush Hour for sure though. It's really unique and I'm sure you don't have anything like it in your collection. 


  1. I LOVE Blush Hour!!

    1. Me too! Probably my favorite from the collection (: