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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 2- Pastel + B Squared Lacquer LE Polish

Hey guys! I'm late on the second prompt for The Never Ending Pile Challenge! I'm going to try to be on time, but most importantly, I'm gonna try not to skip themes. So better late than never right!? Today's theme is Pastels. I love pastels! I'm always drawn to them. I actually had a hard time finding some untried pastels. I also have a beautiful LE Easter themed B Squared Lacquer polish to show you guys.

First off, let me show you B Squared Lacquer's new LE polish called Easter Basket. This is a white crelly with pastel dots, green squares, micro lavender glitter, and light holo green bars. It's just so cute and I honestly think I won't just be wearing this for Easter. I used 3 coats, the formula and application wasn't the easiest because of all the glitter in there, but it was manageable.

You can purchase this through B Squared Lacquer's storefront by clicking here. Also, you can follow Mia through facebook and instagram. And, in case you missed review on her last collection: The Colorful Music Collection, click here to check it out. 

On to the NEP Challenge:

I actually had a hard time finding some untried pastels in my collection, partially because I couldn't remember if I had used them or not, and because I had used a lot of them already lol ( I don't know if that makes sense). Well, I was actually able to find 4 untrieds so I was pretty excited about that! I used:

  • Zoya: Julie
  • Zoya: Blue
  • Zoya: Neely
  • Zoya: Gie Gie
Yup, all Zoyas. I always buy them and never actually use them. But the formula is great and I've always loved the bottle shapes! 

I thought it was perfect to do some Easter nails since I had to use pastels. I was inspired by a design I saw on Nailpro and decided to layer it over B Squared Lacquer: Easter Basket. I need to work on my line skills though. I used nail vinyls so my chevrons came out ok, but it's still harder than it looks.

I hope you guys liked my post today! Tomorrow brings another challenge, A Random Untried. Come back tomorow to see what I come up with!

Have a great night!

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