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Saturday, February 8, 2014

OPI Brazil Collection for Spring/Summer 2014: Swatches & Review

Hey guys! How's everyone's weekend going? I don't have much plans except to swatch! If you didn't see my nail polish haul that I posted on Instagram, here's a link to it: Yeah I have lots to keep me busy this weekend.

Anyways, I'm starting off with the OPI Brazil collection for Spring/Summer 2014. This collection consists of 12 polishes, 11 cremes and 1 shimmer. I really love this collection. To be honest, I wasn't super excited with all the taupes and nudes, but once you try them on, they're really quite nice. Here's a description of them:

  • Don't Bossa Nova Me Around: Light nude with pink undertones.
  • Taupe-Less Beach: light grey taupe creme
  • I São Paulo Over There: Light brown taupe with pink undertones.
  • Next Stop...The Bikini Zone: Purple to grey duo chrome shimmer.
  • OPI Scores A Goal!: Purple/Red creme.
  • Red Hot Rio: Bright red sheer creme
  • Kiss Me I'm Brazilian: Pink creme
  • Live.Love.Carnaval: Bright coral creme with pink undertones
  • Toucan Do It If You Try: Bright coral creme with orange undertones
  • Where Did Suzi's Man-Go: Light peachy orange creme.
  • I Just Can't Cope-Acabana: Yellow cream.
  • Amazon...Amazoff: Dark green teal with extremely subtle shimmer.
Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. 3 coats. The lightest nude in this collection. I love it! I thought it was going to look weird with my skin tone, but I like it. The formula was great!

Taupe-Less Beach. 3 coats. Again, another beautiful nude. This one is a bit darker than Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and it also has more of grey undertones than brown. It's really pretty.

I São Paulo Over There. 2 coats. The darkest out of the three. I swear, this 3  nudes transition great into each other that I'm sure they would be perfect for an ombre. This polish also had the best formula and application. I only needed 2 coats!

Next Stop...The Bikini Zone. 3 coats. This is the one shimmer in he collection. It was pretty sheer in the beginning but it built up to opacity easily. At first I wasn't totally impressed by this but once on, it's actually very pretty. The duo chrome is extremely visible. 

OPI Scores A Goal. 2 coats. Flawless formula. Honestly, OPI never disappoints in that aspect. I do like this color, but I'm not super excited about it. I guess I'm just tired of seeing darker colors since we just had a bunch of them for fall and winter collections. For spring and summer I expect to see really bright colors and this is just not it.

Red Hot Rio. 3 coats. I thought this was going to be more of a creme, but it has more of a jelly consistency. It's not as sheer as a jelly, but after 3 coats, I could still see VNL. I love this shade of red, it's super bright and in your face, but I feel that they just did something like this with Gwen Stefani's Collection, which you can see swatches of here. It kinda stained my nails, but very minimal. Just be careful with applying cause it's hard to clean up if it gets on your cuticles.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian. 2 coats. At first, this polish is kinda streaky, but with another coat, it is easily fixed and it looks super smooth. I love pinks! And this polish is no exception.

Live.Love.Carnaval. 3 coats. This is super bright! Love it. This was incredibly hard to capture! I just couldn't get the right color. I think against my skin color, it just looked a lot brighter. Sorry guys! The formula and application was great!

Toucan Do It If You Try. 3 coats. Another coral! This time, it has more some orange undertones. I think I like this one more. Plus the name is so cute! Also, my bottle has no logo cause the logo was all weird looking. It's all my brother's fault cause he kept hurrying me up at the store! lol

Where Did Suzi's Man-Go. 3 coats. This is one of my favorites out of this collection just because of the fact that it's orange. You rarely see orange shades anymore. The formula was great!

I Just Can't Cope-Acabana. 3 coats. I really like this polish until I wore it, It just does not go with my skin color and when I was taking pictures of it, it came off as highlighter yellow. I do like the color but it just does go well with my skin color. The formula and application were actually great considering that its a yellow.

Amazon...Amazoff. 3 coats. First off, sorry about the stained cuticles. I tried cleaning it as much as possible but it just wouldn't come off, and I even used my good polish remover lol. Still, it's so worth the staining for this color. It's so beautiful! This is definitely my favorite polish out of the collection. 

Overall, I really liked this collection. I would have wanted less nudes and more bright shades. They really made up for it with Amazon...Amazoff. That color is just stunning and is my favorite from the whole collection. Also, can I just point out how cute the names are?! They're super clever. And like always, the formula and application was just amazing in this collection.

These were released February 5th so they should be available at a beauty store near you.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Girl....You nailed these swatches! I LOVE them so much! I thought I only wanted the mango and yellow, now after seeing your swatches I want to he entire collection , except the duochrome and red! Great post!

  2. your swatches are...AMAZING. i'm pretty sure i'll be buying all of these polishes now...thanks :p

  3. I didn't want but a few of these polishes. Until I'm sitting here staring at your swatches! SO gorgeous!