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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer & Freak Show Polish: Dr. Seuss Duo- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! How's every one's weekend going so far? Hopefully good. So tomorrow is the Super Bowl, are you guys planning on watching it? I really have no interest in the game, but I do want to see Bruno Mars perform.

Anyways, today I have Liquid Sky Lacquer & Freak Show Polish new Dr. Seuss Duo which will be available at February 8th at 2 PM PST! The duo consists of:

  • Freak Show Polish- Green Eggs & Ham: olive green polish with rainbow flakies and golden shimmer
  • Liquid Sky Lacquer- No One Alive Is Youer Than You: glitter bomb with rainbow glitters in different shapes and sizes in a holo base.
First up is Freak Show Polish- Green Eggs & Ham. 3 coats. The formula on this polish was great! And it's really pretty. The rainbow flakies definitely give it a nice touch. 

I know, a lot of pictures...I just really like this polish! lol

And here's a semi-macro shot

Liquid Sky Lacquer- No One Alive Is Youer Than You. 2 coats over Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy. This glitter bomb is so pretty! I love it. There's so many colors in there and the holo is a nice touch.  The formula was great. I flipped the bottle over before applying to make application easier. 

and here's a super close up

I totally recommend this duo! The formula is great, the polishes are awesome, plus, it's Dr. Seuss! Who doesn't like Dr. Seuss. I remember having a bunch of Dr. Seuss books as a kid and they were my favorite. 

Remember this duo will be available on Saturday, February 8th at 2 PM PST. And here's the info for both indie brands:

Liquid Sky Lacquer:

Freak Show Polish:

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