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Friday, July 24, 2015

Alchemy Lacquers: New Summer Colors

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great week! Today, I have some new Alchemy Lacquers polishes to show you. You guys know how much I love everything that Alchemy Lacquers creates and these were no exception. I'm tellin' ya', you're gonna love them! They're releasing tomorrow so make sure to get all the details below.

Alchemy Lacquers is releasing 6 new colors for summer. Well, 4 are for summer, and the other 2 are new additions to her Moon Shards collection (find swatches here). They are all being released tomorrow at 7 pm at Alchemy Lacquer's shop. Let's get to the swatches.

Let's look at the new Moon Shards polishes first.

Hyperion is almost like a nude polish with a strong purple shift. It looks like it'll be sheer but it builds up to full opacity by the second coat. It also has a slight linear holo and beautiful multichrome flakies. I wore 2 coats with topcoat.

What a great combo! The purple flash is gorgeous! I wish I would have been able to get a sun shot of this cause the holo really shows through.  

Deimos is a purple base polish with a purple shift and multichrome flakies and a slight linear holo. I wore 2 coats with a topcoat.

I love the purple base for this polish! It's so pretty. The formula and application was great. No need to fish for the flakies.

And now the new summer colors.

Gilded Hibiscus is a bright pink polish with gold and iridescent flakes and orange and pink hexes. I wore 2 coats with a top coat.

I hate describing gilded polishes. They're so hard to! There is just so much going on and I feel like I just stare and stare at my nails wondering what I should write down. I love Alchemy Lacquer's line of Gilded polishes! They're so unique. You definitely need this one! The shade of pink is so pretty and bright. Great formula and application.

Gilded Glowworm is a green polish with gold and iridescent flakes and green and blue hexes. I wore 3 coats with a topcoat.

The name couldn't be more perfect. This green is just so vivid, it seriously does seem like it glows! I love everything about this polish.

Pink Peppercorn is a light pink crelly with orange, light orange, purple, and pink neon hexes with iridescent shimmer and holo dust. I wore 2 coats with a topcoat.

This is so girly! The combo is perfection! I'm seriously going to be rocking this one this weekend. The formula and application was great!

Flight of the Fireflies is a mint crelly with neon green and blue hexes, iridescent shimmer, and holo dust. I wore 2 coats with a topcoat.

Another beautiful polish. And I really like how all the neon glitters really tie in the 4 new summer colors!

Speaking of neon glitters...oh boy do I have an epic post for you guys later today! I'll just leave this here...

Again, all of these polishes, including the neons above, will be releasing tomorrow, at 7 pm at Alchemy Lacquers' shop. Make sure to follow Alchemy Lacquers on Facebook and Instagram


  1. These are gorgeous! :) My favorites are Hyperion and Deimos.

    Love Lotte

  2. Amazing collection!
    The green and the red look great :)