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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jindie Nails: Soul, Funk, & Disco Collelction

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great start to their week! This weekend was so busy for me. I had lots of family activities for Mother's Day. It was so much fun. What did you guys do for Mother's Day? Today I have an awesome collection by one of my favorite indie brands, Jindie Nails that is! Jen has created a great collection called Soul, Funk, & Disco inspired by Jen's favorite type of music, R&B/ Hip Hop and Dance music. Each polish is inspired by a different song! Check out all the details below!

This whole collection is available for purchase now! You can purchase it here. There's a total of 8 new shades in the Soul, Funk, & Disco Collection, but I only have 6 to show you. This post will be pretty picture heavy so let's get to it!

I previously swatched the following polish a while ago and this what I had to say then:

Baby Love, My Baby Love is a sheer light pink/peach with pink, gold, silver, light pink, red, glitters in dots, hexes, diamonds, and squares in different sizes and with golden shimmer throughout. I wore 3 coats for the pictures below. OMG, this is just crazy gorgeous! The base color is so pretty! Depending on what angle you look at your nails while wearing this, it looks really pink, or almost see through. Plus the glitter in this is really unique, they all go so well together. 

Freeway Of Love is described by Jindie Nails as a "very bright, neon pink crelly, loaded with just about every color of matte pastel glitter you can think of, plus several colors and sizes of dots in holographic, matte, and metallic. It has diamonds in matte and holographic, intense purple/blue shimmer plus at least 5 or 6 other color shifting shimmers."

It was inspired by Freeway Of Love by Aretha Franklin and her pink Cadillac. I wore 3 coats with a top coat for the pictures below. The formula was a bit thick but nothing to worry about because it's still quite easy to apply. Plus with all those glitters in there, it's totally understandable! 

She's A Brick House is described by Jindie Nails as a super squishy "burnt orange jelly, loaded with orange, red, gold, and silver metallic and holographic circles, hex, and shimmer."

It was inspired by Brick House by The Commodores. I wore 3 coats with a top coat. This was super easy to apply! I didn't get any pulling and the large dots basically grab on to the brush because they're really easy to catch. It's kinda weird though because this reminds me of soda for some reason. I think it would have been perfect in the OPI Coca-Cola Collection, is it just me or what? LOL

Super Freak'n Neon is a neon glitter topper described by Jindie Nails as a "polish that has small, metallic silver hex glitters and 6 different neon colors including pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, and blue, all in a clear, matte suspension base. The shapes of glitters include small matte hex, matte squares."

It was inspired by Super Freak by Rick James. I wore 1 coat over Top Shelf Lacquer (which I'll have swatches of this week BTW) Teal-Tini. This went on really smoothly and evenly. I had no issues at all.

My Old Piano is described by Jindie Nails as "an un-dupable polish. It has pastel small glitters in hex, medium dots, diamonds, tiny stars, triangles, circles, small dots, short/micro bars (very sparse amount of bars, stars, butterflies, hearts, and butterflies). There are neon yellow, pink, and green hearts, diamonds, stars, and daisy's. It also has some transparent neon hexes. It also has an array of black and white glitters in small and medium rectangles (to represent the piano keys.)

It's inspired by My Old Piano by Diana Ross. I wore 3 thin coats with two coats of top coat. I did have some issues with this one. I think because of all the glitter, the formula was a bit on the thicker side. I had to redo a nail or two but doing thin coats fixed the problem. Just make sure not to grab too much glitters or else it clumps up on your nails. I always love a fun white crelly though!

Shake Your Groove Thang is described by Jindie Nails as a "coral/rose pink scattered linear holo with red flecks"

This is inspired by Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches & Herb. To me, it's a bit more red pink then coral as Jen described it. I wore one coat, yeah that's right, ONE coat with a top coat. Omg, this formula is flawless, just pure perfection. It was so pigmented and went on so smoothly. And, there was no staining! Great job on this one Jen!

The other polishes in this collection are I'll Stay A Lime, I'm Rick James, B****, Psychedelic Shack. Overall, I'm really liking this collection. So much glitter everywhere! These are all available for purchase now! Just click here to purchase. You can get more information of Jindie Nails by following them on instagramFacebookPinterest, and twitter .

What did you guys think? Which one was your favorite?