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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Once More With Feeling Collection - Swatches & Review

Calling all Buffy fans! If you're a Buffy fan with a love for polish, then this is the collection for you! Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is re-releasing her Buffy inspired collection, Once More With Feeling, but this time with 3 new shades. I'm warning you, it's pretty picture heavy. Let's get on with the swatches!

The Once More With Feeling collection was initially released in 2013. The new collection consists of 9 polishes, 3 of which are new. The other 6 are slightly reformulated. The whole set is available now for $96 (full size bottles) and $48 (mini size bottles) plus shipping. Julie is also gifting a free polish called 5x5 for those who order the whole set and will be available in full and mini size. 5x5 will only be available as a free gift though, while supplies last. Now on to the swatches, shall we?

We Saved The World, I Say We Party! (Buff) is a light pink linear holo with a strong pink flash.

I wore 2 coats for the pictures below. I'm in love with this one! I don't like wearing really light colors because it makes my hands looks really really dark but this was just perfect! The holo is a lot stronger then in the pictures.

With top coat

Love Makes You Do the Wacky (Willow) is a light purple linear holo with a strong fuchsia flash.

I wore 2 coats, no top coat. This dries to a satin finish. I actually like this better without a topcoat though the flash pops out better with a topcoat. 

Dorkhead?! You Slash Me With Your Words (Xander) is a light green linear holo with a strong mint flash.

I wore 2 coats for the pictures below. Love the mint color! Amazing formula too.

Tea is Soothing. I Wish to be Tense. (Glies) is a light blue linear holo with a strong icy blue flash

I wore 2 coats. Another great shade!

With top coat

Tact is Just Saying Not True Stuff. I'll Pass. (Cordy) is a light taupe linear holo with a strong green flash.

I wore 2 coats. The green flash is really strong, love it! Perfect formula too!

I'm Going Through Some...Changes (Oz) is a medium brown linear holo with copper glass flecks

I wore 2 coats. Another great neutral shade in the collection. 

With top coat

The Last Time I Tortured Someone, They Didn't Even *Have* Chainsaws. (Angelus) is a black linear holo with red shimmer and midnight red microflakies.

I wore 2 coats. This is hands down, my favorite black holo! It has this gorgeous gold shimmer that's to die for! 

I Fought for My Soul (Spike) is a deep blood red linear holo with gunmetal microflakies. 

with top coat

I wore 1 coat with a topcoat. Yup, just one. Oh man, this is just the most perfect red. I will definitely be wearing this one a lot. Plus the formula is perfect. It's so creamy and really went on like butter.
with top coat

5x5 (Faith) is a deep grape purple jelly with linear holo and purple, pink, and turquoise glass flecks.

With top coat
I wore 2 coats. I think this is the first jelly by BEGL that I've swatched and of course, it also is opaque in just 2 coats. Julie really hit it right on the nail with 5x5. It's way more complex then just a simple purple jelly. You'll love it. 

No top coat

I've got to say, Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer has one of the best formulas that I've ever used. They go on really smoothly. Her polishes are meant to provide full coverage with just 2 coats and they do just that, sometimes you only need 1! You can purchase all of these now, just click here. And remember, 5x5 is only available until supplies last. Make sure to follow Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. You can even follow the creator of BEGL, Julie, through her blog!

Which one was your favorite?


  1. Whoah baby so many pretties, gorgeous!

  2. Unf. You make my stuff look hot, and I love you for it! Hahah! Thank you so much for always providing lovely photos and in depth reviews! <3