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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Glitter Or Die: Dashing J's Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! So glad it's Saturday because I'm finally going to see Lana Del Rey live! I can not wait! Who are you guys dying to see in concert? Today I have another awesome collection! This time by Glitter or Die, and it's called Dashing J's. The awesome Rosie has created a beautiful collection inspired by her swatchers, whose names start with the letter J! Check out the swatches down below!

The Dashing J's collection, by Glitter Or Die, has a total of 10 polishes and each swatcher (@lacqueredmama@gotnail, @jahmynails@jamylyn_nails, and me (@bluevelvetlacquer)) will have 2 polishes inspired by them, one of them created by Rosie, and the second created by the swatcher. Each polish will be available for $10 each or $17 for a duo. Each duo will contain at least one thermal, holo, UCC, or ultrachromatic polish. They're all being released today,May 16th! Onto the swatches!

*Warning: Very picture heavy!!*

The Ravishing Jessica is inspired by me! It's a "super holo with a purple tint and with purple flakies and purple/pink/blue ucc flakie topper"

I wore 3 coats with top coat. Rosie created this inspired by me! I think it's perfect. It has everything that I love: holo, flakies, and purple at that! It's a bit sheer so it can be worn over a colored base if you use one coat, but it can also be worn alone, like I did here.

Magic Kingdom, collaboration between Rosie and I, is a "fun filled squishy blurple jelly with a confetti of blue, purple, pink, and silver glitters in every size, shape, and finish."

I wore 4 coats. If you read my blog often, you'll know that I love anything and everything Disney. So it's perfectly fitting to name this Magic Kingdom. I really wanted a super squishy glitterbomb and Rosie has definitely captured that. It's a bit sheer, so you can layer it over a blue base if you'd like.

The Chipper JayLynn is inspired by JayLynn from @gotnail. It's a mint jelly with subtle holo. 

I wore 3 coats with out a top coat. This is so pretty! It's a bit sheer with the first coat but you get full coverage by the third. Great formula!

Coral Dive, collaboration between JayLynn (@gotnail) and Rosie, is a "dreamy coral glitterbomb. Swim past the coral, peach, gold, iridescent, and chocolate tones."

I wore 2 thin coats over The Chipper JayLynn. This has such a pretty mixture of colors! I really like it.

The Indrepid Jamy is inspired by Jamy from @jamylyn_nails. It's an "intense red glitterbomb filled with an assortment of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and lots of holo glitter"

I wore 2 thin coats over Top Shelf Lacquer Purple Dragon Martini. This is so gorgeous! I really love how the red pops against the purple base. Great formula and coverage too.

OMG!, collaboration between Jamy (@jamylyn_nails) and Rosie, is a "deep purple holo with blue, violet, green UCC flakies"

I wore 3 coats, no top coat. This is absolutely gorgeous! If only it wasn't cloudy, I would be able to take a sunshot and show the linear holo! This definitely makes me say OMG! so there really couldn't be a more perfect name.

The Exuberant Jennifer is inspired by Jennifer from @lacqueredmama. It's a "midnight blue ultrachrome polish that shifts through magenta, blue, purple, and copper."

I wore 3 coats with no topcoat. I can never get tired of ultrachromes! It's like having two polishes in one! It was a bit sheer on the first coat but built up nicely with the third.

Spring Showers, collaboration between Jennifer and Rosie, is a "grey crelly with a mad mix of riotous colors, shapes, and finishes, like a field of flowers"

I wore 3 coats with top coat. I love, love, love the bright glitters against the grey base! I flipped the bottle over before applying to make application easier.

The Plucky Jahmai is inspired by Jahmai from @jahmynails. It's a "gold sparkling pink thermal when cold that transition to a golden nude when warm."

I wore 2 coats with a topcoat. Can pink and gold look any better together? I think not. This has a great formula too, you only need 2 thin coats for complete coverage. I had a hard time capturing the pink accurately. It's not as red as it's showing.

The Gleam of the Jah's, collaboration between Jahmai and Rosie, is a neon purple thermal when cold, and slightly pink tinged clear when warm. It also has pink and gold flakies and flecks.

I wore 3 coats with a top coat. What a great pairing! Pink and purple go so well together! I especially like that the purple is almost neon but yet the pink is so soft. It's so beautiful and transitioned so easily. Great formula too!

Not as dark as shown above.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection. I like how there's so many random polishes! You will definitely find something for everyone, be it thermals, holo, or glitter toppers, you'll find something you really like. This collection is available for purchase today over at Glitter Or Die's shopMake sure to follow Glitter Or Die on Instagram!