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Sunday, March 16, 2014

China Glaze: Surprise Collection 2014: Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I finally got around to swatching the new Surprise Collection by China Glaze. I had seen this people talk about this collection, but I totally forgot and when I walked into my local nail supply store, they had them there so of course I got them! Let me know what you guys think! Swatches after the jump.

This collection consists of 6 new glitter toppers with a variety of combinations between holo, shiny, and matte hexes. The formula on these was pretty much the same through out the six. The application wasn't easy, because you had to dab on the glitters to spread them out better, or else it'll just clump up on one side of the nail. Also, you did have to fish out the glitter a bit and that was even harder because of the thin brush. Just make sure to dab the glitter when you apply it! Here's a list of the glitters and their descriptions:

  • Create A Spark: pink holographic, blurple, and black hexes in a clear base
  • Shine-Nanigans: fuchsia, blurple, and light green matte hexes in a clear base
  • Glitter Up: blurple hexes with light blue and peach matte hexes
  • Glimmer More: fuchsia glitter with matte yellow, orange, and light pink hexes
  • I'm A Go Glitter: fuchsia glitter with matte light blue and light green hexes
  • Don't Be A Flake: pink holographic glitters with black light blue matte hexes
Create A Spark. 1 coat over Juelp Lizanne. I'm not really feeling this one. The glitter combination isn't my favorite. 

Shine-Nanigans. 1 coat over Julep Princess Grace. I really like this glitter combo, especially the lime green hexes. 

Glitter Up. 1 coat over Essie Vested Interest. I also really liked this glitter combination, especially those peach hexes. 

Glimmer More. 1 coat over China Glaze At Vase Value. I think this is my favorite from this collection. It's so pretty and girly, it also kind of reminds me of pink lemonade for some reason.

I'm A Go Glitter. 1 coat over Essie Splash Of Grenadine. I also like this one, again those lime green glitters are so pretty and they stand out so much.

Dont' Be A Flake. 1 coat over Essie Full Steam Ahead. I'm not a fan of this one either. I wish I liked this one more because of the pink holo glitter, but I think the black glitter is too much.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed by this collection and I love glitter. I think it's because the glitter was too sparse when on the nail. I really like glitter bombs that I can even wear on its own. I think I might use these glitter toppers for glitter placement. These should be available in April in China Glaze retailers.

What do you guys think about this collection?


  1. I really love the look of shine-nanagains, glitter up and glimmer more

    1. I love Glimmer More and Shine-Nanagains too (:

  2. I liked all of them except the last one! Not a big fan for black!

    1. Yeah, I mean I like black glitter but I don't think they went well together. idk

  3. I liked all of the same ones you did. Since I love glitters and China Glaze, I am disappointed that it didn't apply well. I will probably still buy a couple of these.

    1. They didn't apply that bad, but you definetly had to play with it a bit more. You couldn't just apply a coat cause it wouldn't apply evenly. Hope this helps (: