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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Glitter Or Die: The Sea Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was great! I haven't been doing much besides organizing my polish stash. I'm actually moving out with my boyfriend soon and my stash has been all over the place and I didn't want it to be a mess when I do move this upcoming weekend. And on top of that, I've just been swatching away. Today's swatches included a new Glitter Or Die Collection inspired by the sea, hence, The Sea Collection. Check out all the swatches below!

The Sea Collection will be released tomorrow at Glitter Or Die's storefront. It consists of 8 beautiful polishes, each inspired by a different sea creature. Anything that's inspired by the sea, I love! It's being released tomorrow, Monday, March 30th.

Jewel Toned Anemone is a white crelly base polish with different sized glitters and shapes including hexes, and dots in pink, fuchsia, and purple. I wore 3 coats with topcoat. Honestly, can you ever go wrong with a white crelly? No. This is so pretty and it went on really smoothly. There's a lot of glitter in there so you pick up a good amount on your brush. I did flip the bottle upside down to grab the large dots easier. 

Blue Linckia is a periwinkle creme with a soft linear holo. I used 2 coats with topcoat. I wish I would have been able to capture the holo a lot better in this! It went on so smoothly. I definitely see myself reaching for this again.

Coconut Octopus is a turquoise creme. I used 2 coats with topcoat. OMG! I have my go-to teal creme (well had my go to teal creme) but this totally replaced it. My other one would stain my nails really bad but the formula was pretty good. But this baby right here, went on so, so smoothly and I had no staining whatsoever!

Here it is with just one coat and no topcoat. Yup, look at that coverage! I added a second coat just to even stuff out a bit.

Axolott is a semi sheer coral pink creme. I wore 4 coats, no topcoat. Aahh, I love this shade of pink. It's the perfect middle between pink and coral. I'm not a huge fan of showing off my vnl, but for this polish, I don't care. Love it!

Morey Eel is a sheer neon yellow jelly with black and white glitter in different shapes and sizes. I used 4 coats with topcoat. I'm really loving the glitter combo! Especially those medium sized white dots! You can easily wear this over a similar base if you don't like showing off your vnl.

Crinoidea Shrimp is a colorful glitter topper with royal blue, white, grey, and yellow glitters in different shapes and sizes. I wore 2 thin coats over Coconut Octopus. I'm really liking this glitter combo. I really liked wearing it over CO too. The formula and application was great, the perfect balance between glitter and base.

Velella is a glitter topper with turquoise, teal, and white glitters in different shapes and sizes. I wore 2 thin coats over Axolott. I love those teal hexes! I'm not a huge fan of bar glitter, but in this case, Glitter or Die did a fabulous job in using them. Formula and application was perfect.

Firefly Squid is a glow in the dark glitter topper with blue flakie and iridescent glitters with a matte finish. I wore 1 coat over Zoya Savita with topcoat. Those blue flakies are are gorgeous! I've always wanted a polish inspired by this awesome sea creature. Can't wait to do some nail art with this! The formula and application was great!

No undies.
Glow in the dark shot.

Overall, I'm totally loving this collection. Such great inspiration. It has a little something for everyone, be it, glitter toppers, or cremes, it's there! It's being released tomorrow, Monday, March 30th. Purchase these by clicking here. Make sure to follow Glitter Or Die on Instagram!


  1. Some great colors in here. Awesome swatches of them too.

  2. Jewel Toned Anemone is a favourite of mine! <3
    xoxo, Nyx