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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Orly: Sugar High - Swatches & Review

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. So my Disney plans fell through cause my niece got sick. So I hope she gets better soon. I know she's anxious too cause she's been asking for me to take her since forever. I should have never bought her that annual pass LOL. Just kidding. No, but I really do like going with her, it's weird almost. She's my favorite person to go with because it's almost like seeing Disney through her eyes (She's 7) which reminds me so much of when my parents used to take me when I was a little girl. Plus, she'll go on every ride and won't complain that it's for little kids like my brother or boyfriend do. I'm so excited to take her in May for Disneyland's 60th anniversary! It's gonna be awesome! Anyways, today I have a new Orly collection to share with all of you, check out all the details down below!

I didn't even know about this collection until I went to the ISSE in Long Beach a couple of weeks ago. I saw it and instantly grabbed it so I can share it with all of my awesome readers...and also cause I have no self control LOL. The Sugar High collection consists of 6 new gorgeous shades, 4 cremes and 2 shimmers. The formula was amazing and consistent throughout the 6 shades. Orly is really underrated in my opinion. Their formula is always great and some (not all) colors are really unique!

Frosting is a light vanilla creme with golden shimmer. I used 2 coats with top coat. I know it's not the most unique shade, but it's so pretty! I really liked this one. Great formula too.

Cake Pop is a white pink creme. I used 2 coats with top coat. The shade is very pretty, too light for me personally but it's still nice. I just don't like it with my skin tone. I feel like shades like these are better when they have more of a jelly and sheer formula. The formula was great! It's a bit more pink than in the picture, but against my skin, the camera was making it look almost white!

Candy Shop is a mauve creme with purple undertones. I used 2 coats without top coat. I've always liked this shade of purple. It's not overwhelming but not too blah either. Formula was amazing!

Plum Sugar is a plum creme. I used 2 coats no top coat. Another very pretty purple. I did 1 coat with no topcoat. The formula is amazing, though I could have used another coat cause I didn't even see that bald spot but it's almost perfect!

Sweet Dreams is a grey creme with pearl pink shimmer. I used 2 coats with top coat. I love this one! At first the grey didn't really call my attention all that much but the shimmer is so pretty and it comes through so much in the bottle and on the nails. I couldn't capture it completely though.

Key Lime Twist is a lime green creme. I used 2 coats no top coat. This is definitely the star of the show. It's so pretty! It's so bright and let me tell you, the formula was so smooth and creme. It was great. 

Overall, I do like this collection. It's not amazing or all that unique to be honest but the formula was great and I definitely recommend these to anyone who doesn't have shades like these. The Sugar High collection has officially been released so you should see it at a store near you. You can also purchase it at What do yo guys think of this collection?


  1. I like those. Not very unique indeed, but most of the polishes I have similar, have awful formula. I only hope this collection will get here =)

    ( )

    1. I hope does too, cause the formula is great!

      P.S. Followed your blog on bloglovin , google plus, and GFC (:

  2. These look great! I don't own much Orly polishes but I really should change that since these look fantastic.

  3. "and also cause I have no self control" yup! same here!

  4. Thanks for the swatches!!! <3 I need four of them.. :D Beautiful!

  5. And yes, Orly is absolutely one of the most underrated polishes!! Every single one that I own is gorgeous! <3

  6. I love Orly! It's my favorite mainstream brand and I'll probably get a few of these if I happen to come across them.

  7. Could you tell how Key Lime Twist compares to OPI Life Gave Me Lemons, please?

  8. I love these all so much! I definitely need the green and plum! Gorgeous swatches :)