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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Polished Colors: Charmed Cats Trio - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I hope every one's been doing good. Sorry about disappearing again. To be honest, some thing's have happened in my life recently that has really affected me in every way. Let's just say it sucks but I hope I'll be feeling better soon. Anyways, today I have a quick post. I'm so excited to be working with Polished Colors again! Tasha is releasing lots of Halloween polishes, but today I on,y have the Charmed Cats trio. Get all the details below!

Polished Colors was actually the first indie brand I ever swatched for! Tasha gave me a chance and so I really appreciate that. It's great seeing how much Polished Colors has grown into this awesome brand!  The Charmed Cats trio, which consists of 3 glitter toppers,  is being released tomorrow (10/15), click here to purchase. 

Scary Cat is super fun glitter topper with bars, light green squares, yellow and black dots, and large purple half moon glitters. I wore 2 thin coats over OPI First Class Desires. I actually really like this glitter topper. It definitely does remind me of Halloween and it's so interesting and unique! The formula and application was great, I did flip the bottle over for about 5 minutes before applying it which made it much easier. 

Sacred Cat has pumpkin glitters with large black half moon glitters, small silver half moon glitters, and hex iridescent glitters. I wore two thin coats (with glitter placement) over OPI I Carol About You. I can definitely see where Tasha was going with this and it's awesome. But I definitely had some trouble applying this one. The glitters are so sparse and there's a lot of base so when you dip your brush in, all you get is a bunch of the base with very little glitters. The large pumpkin glitters are already hard to get anyways, but they tend to stick to each other so that was also a hassle. 

Sassy Cat is a really cool glitter topper with grey, pink, and white large half moon glitters, yellow and black skull and cross bone glitters all in a clear base with a bunch of orange and white micro glitter throughout. I wore two thin coats over China Glaze Community. I love the micro glitters in this! They're so pretty. The formula and application was great but again, it was hard getting the large glitters even after flipping the bottle over. I noticed that if you tilt your bottle to the side and try to grab the glitters like that, instead of straight up, you will get a lot more glitters. 

 Overall, I really like these glitter toppers! They're so cute. And well, all large glitters are hard to grab on your brush. Remember this is being released tomorrow, October 15th! You can purchase it here. Make sure to follow Polished Colors on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook

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  1. What fun glitter toppers these are! There very chunky and have some cute pieces in them.