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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Laquerlicious: Halloween 2014 Collection- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! It's finally the weekend! What is everyone's plans this weekend? Today I have an awesome Laquerlicious collection! Michelle is releasing her new Halloween 2014 Collection just in time for Halloween. Read all the details below!

Laquerlicious' new collection is being released today, October 4 at 2:00 PM PST. This new collection consists of four new shades, two glitter toppers, one jelly, and one crelly. They are so cute and are perfect for Halloween.

Witchful Thinking is a glitter topper with a clear base packed with both metallic and hologram orange, fuchsia, purple, lavender, black and charcoal hex glitter. I wore 2 thin coats over Klean Colors Neon Orange. This is so gorgeous! The colors go so well together. The formula and application was great, it went on really smoothly.

Tomb It May Concern is a creamy orange-ish red base with gold shimmer and gold, lavender and purple metallic glitter. I wore 3 coats in the pictures below. To be honest, I wasn't too sure about this one when I saw it in the bottle, but it's so pretty! It's so unique. The base color and glitters go so well together. You gotta have this one!

The Ghostess With The Mostess is a glitter bomb with a clear base packed with burnt orange, orange peach, lavender, white, black, yellow, light yellow matter glitters in hex, star, dot and triangle shapes.  I wore one thin coat over She Nail Polish Chances. As you can see in my pictures, I got great coverage with just one coat! Plus it went on really smoothly. Love it!

Vamp Tramp is a vampy burgundy jelly with red micro flakies and fuchsia hologram glitter, blue iridescent glitter and sapphire metallic glitter. I wore 3 coats int he pictures below. Obviously you have to have a vampy polish in a Halloween collection! The formula and application was great, it went on really smoothly.

Overall, Laquerlicious never disappoints with her collections. They're always so perfect, in color and in formula. I totally recommend this brand! Remember, this is being released tomorrow, October 4th at 2pm PST on Laquerlicious' storefront. You can follow Laquerlicious on FacebookInstagram and Twitter