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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Fandom

Hey guys! It's Tuesday which calls for another Twinsie Tuesday post! This weeks theme is Fandom. Guess what I chose?? Find out after the jump!

So when I found out we had to do fandom inspired nails, I didn't know what I was gonna do. I was trying to think of your typical fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who... but I'm just not a huge fan of those. But then I realized I've been a huge fan and part of something for a while: the Disney Fandom! I never really considered Disney to be a fandom but after some research, I guess it is! 

I love everything Disney! Theme parks, movies, pins, etc. I go to Disneyland/DCA about every 2 weeks. I have such a big attachment to it because I've been going since I was little. I remember going with my parents and brother and having all of my aunts and uncles and cousins there too! Oh when life was much simpler. *sigh* When I go, I trade pins and search for hidden mickeys, yeah, I'm such a Disney nerd lol. Watching Disney movies is like watching an old family video. It just brings so many wonderful memories of my childhood. 

Things kind of worked out perfectly because I recently got this polish that I specifically bought because of some nail art I saw a while ago on @jewsie_nails on Instagram. Jessie's nail art totally reminded me of a princess, can you guess which one?

Princess Jasmine! She's not my favorite princess but I still like her a lot. I used Jindie Nails Footprints In The Snow and Orly Bling to create this look. I used 3 coats on my pinky and pointer finger, and one coat on my middle and ring finger with Orly Bling as a French Tip.

So what do you guys think? What's your fandom? Let me know in the comments! Make sure to check out what the rest of the girls did down below!

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  1. Your Jasmine interpretation is beautiful!

  2. Footprints In The Snow looks so gorgeous! I just love how everything works here.

  3. I neeeeeed that Jindie! Gorgeous manicure! I love how everything came together in this manicure!

  4. my fellow Disney nerd :) and we both did Jasmine - how awesome is that?! Your manicure looks amazing!

  5. That jindie is gorgeous and I love how you did the gold french!

  6. Love Jasmine and her colors! Aqua is always a lovely color :)

  7. How lovely! I don't know why I don't own more Jindies?? This one is lovely!

  8. Omg all these Disney manicures I don't know what to do! I Love Disney so much I feel like I totally should have done some Disney nails! Your manicure is so beautiful thought, so princess jasmine:)

  9. Gorgeous polish and such a perfectly beautiful interpretation of Jasmine!