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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Sideways French Manicure

Hey guys! It's Tuesday again which means this calls for another Twinsie Tuesday post! This week's prompt is Inspired by Sideways French Manicures.  When I first found out that this was this week's idea, I wasn't too sure what it was.  I actually haven't seen too many of these.  But I surprisingly, I liked how my take on it came out so check out all the details below!

So basically a Sideways French Manicure is just a French mani, but on the side of your nail, not on the tip.  It's pretty straight forward so it was easy to do, the hard part was just choosing the right colors for it.  I decided to use some untrieds, so I picked my KB Shimmer 6th Anniversary Trio! They go so well together!

I painted Shore Thing on pointer and pinky finger, and Beach Please on my middle and ring finger.  I then used some French Manicure vinyls I had from an Orly set I bought a while ago, and applied them vertically and used Hexy Bikini on the sides of each nail.

These vinyls totally saved my life for this mani or else I would have had a really hard time doing the perfect curve (though they're not even that perfect lol).

I loved how this came out! It's super colorful and sparkly. It's very easy to do so you guys should try it!

Thanks for reading and sorry about the picture spam but I really like how these turned out LOL! Make sure to check out what the rest of the girls did down below! Have a great day guys!

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  1. Absolutely love it! That glitter is amazing.

  2. Oh so cute Jessica!!! I can't get enough of this KBShimmer trio! It's absolute perfection!

  3. This is lovely! I love that you used such a chunky glittery color for the sideways french.

  4. These are awesome!!!!! So summery and fun!

  5. This trio is so perfect together! Perfect sideways french doll!

  6. I love that you used the KbShimmer trio for this!

  7. I love this!!! Such a fun combo!

  8. Wow this is incredible! I love that you used the glitter :D