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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Laquerlicious: Vacation To Paradise + Duo - Swatches, Review, & Nail Art

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Hey guys! I have an awesome Laquerlicious collection to show you today! I've been pretty excited to post this collection cause it's so pretty! There's some awesome jellies and glitter toppers! Check out the swatches below!

Laquerlicious released her Vacation to Paradise Collection at the end of last month and I thought it was gorgeous! It's definitely very unique. It consists of 6 polishes, three glitter toppers and three jellies. There's a great variety in this collection and definitely offers something for anyone. 

           *All descriptions taken from the Laquerlicious' storefront

On Vacation. 1 coat over a sponged mani using Day Glow Teal, Citrus Collide, Lime accent from Maybelline's Bleached Neons. "This polish is in a clear base with metallic purple and lavender glitter, iridescent glitter and white matte glitter in hex shapes tiny-large. It also has a gorgeous purple shimmer". I love this glitter topper!! It's so pretty, and unique. I love purple so I automatically liked this one a lot, but once you put it on, it honestly blows your mind how much is truly going on in the bottle. I wanted to wear over something that would really make the colors pop but I don't know how I feel with this combination. It looked different in my head. Plus I don't like that it made my cuticles look so much darker than the skin on the rest of my hand. The formula and application was great.

Midnight At The Oasis. 1 coat over Don't Pink Twice by KB Shimmer. "This polish is in a clear base with purple, blue, navy blue, teal, green and iridescent glitter in circle, star, hex and triangle shapes." I think this was probably my favorite polish out of the 6. It was just so pretty and the colors go great together! It made me think of space or something. Again, I wanted it against something totally different to make the colors really pop. It looked really cool in real life, but I couldn't quite capture it. The formula and application was perfect!

Two Tickets To Paradise. 2 thin coats over Color Club La Petite Mint-Sieur. "This polish is in a clear base with pink, magenta, teal, blue, purple, silver and iridescent glitter in circle, star, hex, square and triangle shapes." I really like the big dots in this polish. I decided to do two super thin coats because I would get tons of glitter with one regular coat... I don't know if that makes sense lol. Basically you got tons of glitter on your brush, so make sure to apply in thin coats or else it's not going to look nice. 

Sand-Tastic. 2 coats. "This polish is in a shimmery brown jelly base with micro and small magenta, orange, caramel, gold and brown glitter." The name for this is perfect! It totally does remind me of sand, pretty sand that is! Brown isn't really my go to color unless it's a nude, but the glitters in this makes it really interesting. The formula and application was great!

Distant Shores. 2 coats. "This polish is in a shimmery teal jelly base with micro and small teal, light blue, green and iridescent glitter." OMG! I love this one! I've mentioned that I love ocean-y or mermaid inspired polishes right?? lol Just making sure. Yeah, I totally love this one. There's so much depth cause of all the little glitters in this. The formula and application was flawless!

And here's some nail art I did using Distant Shores as my base. I'm getting better at my freehand fish scale nail art! 

Wish You Were Here. 2 coats. "This polish is a richly pigmented berry jelly base with micro and small magenta, silver, pink, purple and iridescent glitter." Again, another beautiful jelly. It has such a great combination of glitters. Loved it! The formula and application was great!

Overall, I loved this collection. Michelle never disappoints with her creations. I totally recommend getting at least one polish from this collection, though you should probably get the whole thing. It's available now for purchase by clicking here.

The following two polishes are actually re-released glitter toppers that are actually some of the first polishes Laquerlicious ever released. So if you're a true Laquerlicious fan, you need to get these! And if you're not, you need to get them anyways cause they're so pretty! 

Lava Rocks. 1 coat over Bright Lights Small City from Contrary Polish. "This polish is in a clear base with magenta metallic glitter, black matte glitter and iridescent blue/purple glitter. Tiny-Large hex, square shaped glitter and micro slices". I loved how this looked over the base I chose. You need to get this! The pink just really pops! The formula and application was great! 

Salt Water. 1 coat over a vertical gradient over La Petite Mint-Sieur and Holy Chic! from Color Club. "This polish is in a clear base with teal and blue metallic glitter, white matte glitter and iridescent blue/green glitter. Tiny-Large hex shaped glitter." This is so pretty! It has the perfect name! It's so unique, you guys need to get this! I loved it over this gradient too. The formula and application was great.

I mean, you guys know I love Laquerlicious. The quality is always on point and they're so unique. This collection definitely stands out to me more than some summer collections. I really hope you guys try some of these out, you won't be disappointed! You can purchase these by clicking Here. AND, you can follow Laquerlicious on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


  1. These are gorgeous! I love how packed and dense the glitters are too.

    1. Oh yeah, Michelle always makes awesome glitterbombs!

  2. These are really pretty! And so sparkly!!