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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Heather's Hues: Happily Ever Lacquered Pt. 1- Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA lately.  I had a cold for a bit which was the worse with this Cali heat. My nails broke over the weekend too and now they're so short! But regardless, I have an amazing collection to show you today! Well part of it that is.  I'll have part two up tomorrow.  If you love Disney, then click check down below to check out the swatches. 

I have Heather's Hues' Happily Ever Lacquered collection which is inspired by Disney of course.  I love it when indie companies make Disney inspired collections! They're always so amazing.  And Heather really knocked it out of the park with these polishes.  I'm only showing you 6 polishes today because the collection actually consists of 14! So I'd thought it'd be best to split it up. 

*descriptions taken from Heather's Hues store front.

Girls Can Fight Is a shimmery red jelly that contains red micro flakes with gold shreds and hexes as well as black dots,  shreds, and diamonds. This one is inspired by Mulan.  I'd say this is my least favorite just because I'm not really a fan of the base color. I can see how Heather is showing Mulan through this, but I kinda like Mulan's blue dresses with all the greens and such.  I don't know, I just really like colorful stuff lol.  The formula and application was great though! I was a bit sheer but I only used 3 coats.  I did flip the bottle over for easier application of the larger glitters.

Glass Slippers Is a pale blue jelly filled polish with iridescent rainbow glitters and a mix of white glitters. This one is inspired by Cinderella,  of course.  I absolutely adore this polish! It's so pretty, and magical.  I just love it.  It truly does capture Cinderella in a bottle.  The formula and application was great! I used 3 coats, with no undies for the swatches below.  Those iridescent glitters look amazing.  The blue is actually a bit more dusty than its coming of in the pictures. 

I also did some nail art for it. I was initially going to draw her pumpkin carriage but I failed lol so I thought this was the perfect occasion for some stickers I received a while ago. It looked different in my head so I'm not completely pleased with how it turned out.  Maybe if I had longer nails I'd like it more.

Belle Of The Ball Is a yellow crelly, filled with micro gold holo and banana pale yellow and gold hex glitters. This is inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I love this shade of yellow.  It's not as bright as its coming off in the picture.  To be honest, I really liked what Heather was going with this, but it's hard to see the glitters because of the color of the base.  I also flipped the bottle over before applying it and I still had a hard time getting the larger glitters on my brush.  The polish was a bit runny, so make sure to remove the excess of your brush before applying.

My Spirit Flies Is a deep teal jelly packed polish with teal, brown, and orange hex glitters of every size. This is inspired by Merida from Brave.  I love the combination of glitters with the base, they really do represent Merida.  It was a bit sheer though, but I only did three coats. 

I also decide to do some nail art inspired by Merida's dress.  She has golden scribbling on the bottom of the dress which was so easy to do on my nails.  I hope you guys like it.

I actually swatched the following two polishes a bit ago, that's why nails are longer. I just wanted to show them again so you guys can see the whole collection. 

Let Down Your Hair. Inspired by Rapunzel from Tangled. This polish is a glitter bomb, it's full of purple and lavender micro glitters and hexes, as well as rose glitters. So girly, I love it!

Magic Carpet Ride. Glitter Gradient over Essie Limo. This is a jelly polish with a sheer blue base with gold and teal glitters in different shapes and sizes, and gold and teal flakies. This is inspired by Princess Jasmin from Aladdin. When i saw this polish I wasn't all that interested in it but once I put it on I realized that I really like the glitter combination, it's really soft and girly. It's pretty sheer so you might want to layer it over something. Other than that formula and application was great.

Overall, I really like these polishes. Though some are a hit and some are a miss (for me personally), there is plenty to choose from and there a little something for everyone. I totally recommend Heather's Hues! You can purchase these polishes on Heather's Hues store by clicking Here. You can also follow Heather's Hues on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Wow love these! So gorgeous and the names are perfect!

  2. These are some nice colors. I like the nail art you did with some of them too.