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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Leave the Sun Behind Me Collection plus Siren's Mint Smash

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry! The Twinsie Tuesday girls went on a break for the month of August, but we'll be back soon. I will be posting about it shortly. But first, let's talk about this awesome collection Julie from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is releasing tomorrow! It's so bright and fun, check out all the details below.

This collection is inspired by the film the Darjeeling Limited and it consists of 6 gorgeous neon shades. One of them is limited edition, though because of the flakies used. This collection, along with the new Siren polish is being released tomorrow at 3:30 EST at BEGL's shop.

Limited Edition 40/41 is described as a neon teal with cobalt Nfu Oh style flakies. This will be a one time run polish as the flakies Julie used are now discontinued. I used 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

I'm loving these flakies! It really sucks that they're no longer available. The formula and application was great, no issues! Make sure to get this one because it won't be restocked!

Thanks For Using Me is described as a neon green with a gold to green to blue shifting shimmer. I used 2 coats with a topcoat.

If only all neons had this amazing formula. It went on really smoothly. Loving the shimmer in this. So pretty!

Look at These @#$holes is described as a fluorescent red with pink shimmering glass flecks. This polish is sensitive to light so make sure to store it in a dark, cool place. I wore 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

This came out a bit more red then it really is. It's more of a coral red, in my opinion. Love it!

Stop Involving Me! is described as a neon yellow with copper shimmers and gold glass flecks. I wore 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

It was hard to capture the shimmer in this, it's really pretty! Great formula and application.

It's In the Itinerary is described as a neon purple jelly with blue to magenta to teal to gold ultrachrome flakies. I wore 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

This polish is definitely unique to my collection. I can never get enough of these ultrachrome flakies. Formula and application was great.

Rubby is described as a neon pink with purple shimmers and a strong purple shift. I wore 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

I loved this one so much! The shimmer is very strong on the nail. Plus the formula and application was so smooth!

Siren's Mint Smash is described as a mint green jelly with gold to green to blue shifting glass flecks. I wore 2 coats with a coat of topcoat.

You guys need this siren! I really love it! The shade of mint is really pretty. Of course, the formula and application was flawless.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection. I know we're getting close to fall but I'm still really into neons. I always lean towards brighter colors, so these definitely didn't disappoint! These will be available tomorrow at 3:30 EST over at Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer's shop

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Just lovely! I'm in love with those macro shots a lot.