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Friday, October 9, 2015

Alchemy Lacquers: The Harrowing Collection, New Moon Shard, Plus 2nd Halloversary LE!

Hey guys! I hope everyone's weekend is starting off great! Today, I have a very exciting post for you all! I have a bunch of new Alchemy Lacquers polishes that are being released tomorrow! I have the new Harrowing Collection, a new addition to the Moon Shard series and a very limited edition Halloversary polish. Check out all the details below.

Swatching for Alchemy Lacquers is always bittersweet, to be honest. I love, love Rebecca's creations. She's so creative! And I love sharing them with you guys. But Alchemy Lacquers has some of the hardest polishes to photograph! LOL I always take tons of pictures of each polish because they all look different depending on the angle. So of course it's super hard to choose one. Each polish is so complex that it's hard to capture it all in one picture. So I hope I did these justice! You really do have to see them IRL to truly appreciate them.

All polishes will be releasing this Saturday, Oct. 10th at 8 PM Est at Alchemy Lacquers shop. The Limited Edition Halloversary will only be available on 10/10 so make sure to be there on time to be able to snag one!

The Harrowing Collection consists of 10 gorgeous polishes, ranging from cremes to glitter toppers. Here's a little back story that Rebecca wrote for the collection:

"The old man and the witch sat across from each other, an expanse between the two, staring idly at one another. The growing silence unnerved the old man, while the witch swelled with overgrowing confidence. He was not used to the annual challenge that fell around the autumn change, though he had been collecting for quite some time, he believed what he had was solid. Still feeling the victory one year later for wining the medicine man's collection, she had only weeks before she started her search, and though small, she had the previous years collections to present as well. As was customary, the witch placed her previous years spoils on the table, the jars full of weeds and medicines. As she did this, the old man's eyes widened at the range of items before him. He thought to himself, how could he possibly win this contest. Each of the witches' items were inspected by the old man, one by one, to determine their worth and when he was finished, it would be his turn to present his collection of things; the Harrowing."

Queen Beyond The Pale is a light pink creme with a strong blue flash. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

I was so excited when Rebecca told me she had created cremes! If you're part of AL's FB fan group, then you've seen all the awesome sneak peeks she's been showing so I was excited to finally try them! This one is so pretty and I love the blue flash. The formula was a bit on the thicker side but I added a few drops of thinner and it worked fine. I only used 2 coats!

Muse of Lethargy & Despair is a pink maroon creme with a strong flash that shifts from green to orange. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

Another gorgeous creme! I love the combination of the color with the flash. It goes so well together! Formula and application was a bit on the thicker side as well but I added a few drops of thinner and it worked out fine.

Mistress Of The Void is a light grey creme with holo dust and a strong flash that shifts from pink to orange to yellow. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

I've gotta say, this is my favorite creme of the three. I love that she added that extra holo dust! It's so pretty. It's not visible in my swatch, but in the sun you can totally see it sparkle. Flawless formula and application.

King Of Lost Hope is a clear based glitter topper with multi chrome flakies and fuchsia and gold micro glitters. I used 1 coat over OPI My Gondola or Yours?.

Man, this glitter topper is just gorgeous! Can you believe this is just one coat!? Yup! You get that much coverage. It went on so smoothly and evenly. You won't be disappointed with this unique glitter topper!

Prince Of All Sorrows is a black creme with a strong linear holo and a strong blue flash that shifts to purple. I used 2 coats, no top coat.

This is so prefect for October! I love the blue flash. It really is strong. And the formula for this was perfection! I'm not kidding! I could have easily gotten away with just one coat but I always feel weird only doing one so I added a second.

Princess Of Forlorn Desire is a very darkened brown creme with a strong linear holo and a pink to purple flash. I used 2 coats, no top coat.

This is another polish with a perfect formula and application. It could have easily been a one coater as well! I love it!

Lord Of Whispered Paranoia is a full coverage micro glitter polish with blue, green and purple glitters. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

I love how sparkly this is! It's so pretty and I love the color combo! It was not difficult at all to apply but of course, with this types of polishes, thinner coats is the way to go!

So sparkly!! 

Lady Of Ill-Fated Destiny is a full coverage micro glitter polish with purple, fuchsia and orange glitters.

Another super sparkly polish. Great formula and application too!

Master Of The Nameless Crypt is a white creme with green iridescent flakies and blue and purple micro flakes. I used 3 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

This is so pretty, but so hard to capture! It's so unique, I really did like this. It was a bit on the thicker side but I added a few drops of thinner and it worked fine. I also noticed it had a stronger smell then what I'm used to with Alchemy Lacquers. So please be aware of this before purchasing!

Knight Of Cowardly Wrath is a dark teal jelly with multi chrome flakies in different sizes with scattered holo. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

OMG! This is just perfection in a bottle. I love it! I love the teal base, the green multi chrome flakies! Just everything about this. You guys won't be disappointed with this one, trust me!

I loved this collection! And I really enjoyed the fact that Rebecca gave cremes a shot! She definitely didn't disappoint.

And now let's take a look at the new Moon Shard polish:

Europa is a navy blue jelly filled with green and blue flakies in different sizes and scattered holo. I used 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

This totally reminds me of mermaids, and so of course I loved it. It's packed with so many glitters but it applied really easily. 

And now the 2nd Halloversary Limited Edition polish!!

Reagent is a royal purple jelly with multi chrome flakies and blue iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

Oh man, this is close to being my favorite Alchemy Lacquer's polish ever! It is so pretty! Plus, it's totally unique to my collection. You guys need this!!! If you can only get one polish from this restock, get his one because it's gawgeous! Plus, it'll never be sold again!

For some reason, my camera was making it way darker than it really is. It also depends on how many coats you use.

Again, Alchemy Lacquers really hit it out of the park for this release. I loved how diverse The Harrowing collection is. All polishes had great formula and application. If you haven't tried Alchemy Lacquers yet, I don't know what you're waiting for! Do it!

All the polishes shown today will be released this Saturday, October 10th at 8 PM Est at Alchemy Lacquer's shop!

Alchemy Lacquers:


  1. Thanks for the post - just picked up a bunch of these!

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